In Honor Of The Postcard


postcard-2Postcards used to be such a popular way to share snippets from your travels. It wasn’t that long ago that my grandmother would send me and my siblings postcards while visiting London and Rome. We would get so excited to read the news from her trip and gazed longingly at the beautiful glossy photo. Those were the days before iPhones, Facebook and Instagram streams.

I still send postcards to family as I love getting old-fashioned mail and think it’s such a personable way to share your travels. There’s a company who’s making it even more personal by allowing you to use your own digital photos to create postcard packs.

Artifact Uprising has its own online tool that allows you to upload photos and edit them into photo books, calendars or my favorite – postcard packs. Each of these cards are printed on 100% recycled cover stock and come in a set of 20. You can choose from three different themed packs to include thank you, blank or a multi-message pack.

Price: $29.99 through Artifact Uprising.

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