Roadtrip 101: 5 Tire Safety Tips Every Mom Should Know


How often do you think about your tires? I mean really sit back and think about the air, the treadwear, and which is the best tire for your family? This past weekend my lovely assistant, Colleen, headed out for a full weekend of tire thrills and frills with Cooper Tires in San Antonio. She got to test drive tires on a 14-acre wet track, as well as take a mom distraction driving course that tested her reaction time to everyday mom distractions. Although we may think of travel tips as being for big family roadtrips, these are tips that you can use when you’re headed to the store, school, and running day-to-day errands, to ensure your family arrives safely. Here are some photos of her trip and Tire Safety Tips Every Mom Should Know…

  • 5 Tire Safety Tips Every Mom Should Know 1 of 6
    5 Tire Safety Tips Every Mom Should Know
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  • Tire Rotation 2 of 6
    Tire Rotation
    You should rotate your tires every 5,000-to 8,000 miles - about every other oil change.
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  • New Wheels in the Back 3 of 6
    New Wheels in the Back
    In the instance that you might have to get only two new tires (instead of the recommended four), you should always make sure to put the two new tires in the back. It's easier to handle the car if you lose control in the front, versus spinning out in the back.
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  • Tire Repair 4 of 6
    Tire Repair
    Repair a small puncture (under 1/4 inch) with both a plug and a patch. Never just one of those.
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  • Tire Inflation 5 of 6
    Tire Inflation
    If you're unsure about the correct amount of inflation pressure, you can usually find a label with information on the inside of your door, or in the owners manual. Make sure not to over or under inflate your tires, you could do a whole lot of damage.
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  • 5-Minutes of Safety 6 of 6
    5-Minutes of Safety
    Take five minutes of time out every month to ensure your tires are in good condition for transporting you and your most precious cargo.
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