The Most Kid-Friendly Airports In North America


detroit airportThanks to layovers, connections and detours my son traveled in and out of so many different airports last year. Detroit Metropolitan Airport was by far my favorite. I’ve never been so grateful for a children’s play area or visual distractions before.

They have a terrific Light Tunnel that is an absolute must-see. It connects Concourse A with Concourse B/C in the McNamara Terminal. Colorful lights are choreographed with music and flash against the walls and ceiling. Think Aurora Borealis meets classical music. Such fun!

The airport also has several children’s play areas and I find it to be lighter and brighter than other airports I’ve visited in the past. Needless to say I wasn’t surprised when it made The Huffington Post‘s list of “10 Best Airports For Kids.” It joins quite a few great picks and may prove to be a great resource for those planning their family vacations. If you must book your flight with a layover and have a choice of layover, try to pick one from this list. With nurseries and play areas, they are great choices for traveling families!

View the entire list here.

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