Carve a Thanksgiving Bond: Cook with your Kids


Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, and with it the flurry of activities surrounding a holiday built around nothing but food. In my opinion, the great appeal of Thanksgiving lies in the traditions each family attaches to it, most often in the form of the menu. If you don’t think we are emotionally invested in our late Thursday in November meals, try innocuously asking a group of people what they serve, who brings what, and the genesis of their recipes. What most likely will reveal is our deep connection with family, even if you define family as an extended group of friends. What better than Thanksgiving to carve a bond: cook with your kids!

In the category of food, my kids were both born fussy. On a daily basis, this really zapped my energy to involve them with our meals. Thanksgiving was an exception, and to this day – when they thankfully have acquired a varied and accepting palette – the mutual planning and executing of turkey day  sparked a greater enthusiasm for cooking as a family across the calendar year.

The following list suggests ways to involve your kids in the cooking process and build Thanksgiving traditions of your own.

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