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Gifts for Kids 8-12

  • Gifts for Kids 8-12 1 of 70
    The must-have presents for big kids this year
  • Playmates Hearts for Hearts Girls Dolls 2 of 70
    Playmates Hearts for Hearts Girls Dolls
    Each doll in the Hearts to Hearts collection represents a global community, with proceeds from the dolls’ sales going toward nonprofit aid groups in the girls’ real-world homes.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $29.99 »
  • LEGO HEROICA Castle Fortaan Game 3 of 70
    LEGO HEROICA Castle Fortaan Game
    We love that LEGO games are always “assembly required.” In this edition, you build your human and goblin hordes and roll the dice in a battle to reclaim your castle.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us »
  • Photo Cuff Bracelet 4 of 70
    Photo Cuff Bracelet
    A memorable piece of jewelry for the little fashionista in your life! With the look of an antique film reel, this bracelet displays your choice of photos in sepia, black and white, color monotone or vibrant color.
    Get it from Etsy, $35 »
  • Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game 5 of 70
    Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game
    The Angry Birds experience meets family game night, complete with catapults that allow us to fling our favorite creatures from the smartphone smash.
    Get it from Toys “r” us, $12.74 »
  • CuisinArt Mix It In Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker 6 of 70
    CuisinArt Mix It In Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker
    It’s never too cold for ice cream! With three compartments for toppings, this ice cream maker lets you mix in a dash of sprinkles, chocolate chips, and more to create whatever flavors your kids want.
    Get it from CuisinArt, $99.95 »
  • Monster High Ghoul Spirit Fearleading Doll 3-Pack 7 of 70
    Monster High Ghoul Spirit Fearleading Doll 3-Pack
    Nothing against blonde bombshells and their well-coifed boyfriends, but there’s something about the fierce, feisty Monster High crew that appeals to our inner misfit.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $42.99 »
  • Xbox 360 4G Console with Kinect 8 of 70
    Xbox 360 4G Console with Kinect
    Microsoft’s Kinect turns your entire body into a video game controller, but of course you need an Xbox 360 to play it. This bundle packs both as well as a copy of the high-energy game Kinect Adventures! — for working off those holiday calories.
    Get it from Amazon, $299.99
  • Beyblade: Metal Masters Triple Battle Set 9 of 70
    Beyblade: Metal Masters Triple Battle Set
    With its launchers, stadium, collector’s cards, and two exclusive metal tops, this set has everything your Metal Master needs to host a Beyblade battle.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $31.99 »
  • DIY Guitar Pick Punch 10 of 70
    DIY Guitar Pick Punch
    This device turns almost anything into a guitar pick with one simple punch. “Punch” your own picks for gifts, or give the punch away to the guitar player in your life!
    Get it from ThinkGeek, $24.99 »
  • Playmobil Spy Camera Set 11 of 70
    Playmobil Spy Camera Set
    This USB camera and monitor work just fine on their own, but you can add them to the Playmobil Robo Gang Truck ($27.99; sold separately) for remote-controlled 007 play.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $84.99 »
  • LEGO Ninjago Limited Edition Lightning Dragon Battle 12 of 70
    LEGO Ninjago Limited Edition Lightning Dragon Battle
    Kids already hooked on LEGO’s mega-popular Ninjago series will love this 645-piece set, which includes not just a dragon and ninja warriors, but also ... a helicopter?
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $69.99 »
  • NERF Vortex Praxis Blaster 13 of 70
    NERF Vortex Praxis Blaster
    The literal big gun in NERF’s new Praxis series comes with 10 flying discs, a removable shoulder stock, and the ability to add accessories that make it even bigger and badder.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $24.99 »
  • The Annotated Alice 14 of 70
    The Annotated Alice
    An Alice to grow up — and old — with. This edition has the original Tenniel illustrations that every child will examine with boundless curiosity. As the years pass, lovers of Lewis Carroll’s ultimate fantasy will appreciate the literary and historical FYIs that line the outer column of every page. If they don’t like this gift, off with their heads!
    Get it from Amazon, $19.77 »
  • Ji Ga Zo 300 Piece Puzzle 15 of 70
    Ji Ga Zo 300 Piece Puzzle
    Ji Ga Zo’s shaded pieces can be assembled into literally any picture you like. Simply upload a photo, and Ji Ga Zo’s icon map provides instructions on making its pieces fit your puzzle.
    Get it from Amazon, $8.59 »
  • Cardboard FM Radio 16 of 70
    Cardboard FM Radio
    Cardboard FM Radio In addition to AM/FM fun, this device also works as a speaker for your iPod. And here’s the kicker: it’s made of cardboard.
    Get it from Fred Flare, 50 »
  • MOGO Design Charmbands and Charms 17 of 70
    MOGO Design Charmbands and Charms
    The classic charm band gets a contemporary upgrade with MOGO. Start with a basic bracelet, and add or swap bands and magnetic “jewels” as your collection grows.
    Get it from Amazon, prices vary »
  • Spy Gear Spy Safe with Magnetic Key 18 of 70
    Spy Gear Spy Safe with Magnetic Key
    Even for kids who aren’t spy-obsessed, this 10” tall safe is great for storing toys, journals, classroom notes, and other top-secret items.
    Get it from Amazon, $17.72 »
  • Upper Canada Soap Indulgences Cupcake Lip Glosses 19 of 70
    Upper Canada Soap Indulgences Cupcake Lip Glosses
    A sweet little something to add to a stocking or babysitter bonus. (Lip glosses are flavored chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and cherry.)
    Get it from Upper Canada Soap, $2.50 »
  • Radica 20Q Artificial Intelligence Game 20 of 70
    Radica 20Q Artificial Intelligence Game
    We all know the game of 20 Questions, but this high-tech version adds impressive artificial intelligence to guess exactly what you’re thinking.
    Get it from Amazon, $9.20 »
  • Wonderstruck 21 of 70
    Brian Selznick, author of the award-winning book, The Adventure of Hugo Cabret, continues his groundbreaking graphic novel-esque format in this double-narrative story. This beautiful brick of a book follows Ben and Rose, two kids living fifty years apart, as they search for answers to their own private mysteries at the Museum of Natural History. Selznick’s detailed graphite drawings are perfectly complemented by his fine command of words.
    Get it from Amazon, $16.49 »
  • Ceramic Pig Speaker 22 of 70
    Ceramic Pig Speaker
    Bridge the gap between child and teen with this adorable ceramic pig that hooks up to any MP3 player — perfect for rocking out to Bieber.
    Get it from West Elm, $49 »
  • Purple Youth Sparkles TOMS 23 of 70
    Purple Youth Sparkles TOMS
    Simply because every girl needs a little sparkle in her wardrobe — and because at-need children could use a lot of sparkle in their lives. TOMS helps with the latter by donating a pair of shoes for every pair purchased.
    Get them from TOMS, $38 »
  • Redakai Championship Tin with Cards 24 of 70
    Redakai Championship Tin with Cards
    Whether your kids are beginning Redakai players or seasoned warriors, this set includes everything they need to master the whirlwind trading-card game.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $22.49 »
  • FunGoPlay Membership and Sports Gear 25 of 70
    FunGoPlay Membership and Sports Gear
    FunGoPlay bridges online gaming with the real world by rewarding kids for physical activity. Join for a year and you get the soccer ball and disk, which unlock rewards when kids play with them.
    Get it from FunGoPlay, $18.95 for 3 months »
  • NERF Touchdown Alarm Clock 26 of 70
    NERF Touchdown Alarm Clock
    Made for gridiron guys and gals who already have the Monday Night Football theme set as their ringtone, NERF’s Touchdown lets you wake to the sound of football calls and whistles. And, of course, the large snooze button is easily accessible.
    Get it from Target, $19.99
  • Custom Bookplates with Fabric Monogram 27 of 70
    Custom Bookplates with Fabric Monogram
    These personalized bookplates are a wonderful tool for encouraging your child to respect and take pride in their books. They simply can’t resist something with their name printed on it!
    Get it from Etsy, $12 »
  • PICK Camera 28 of 70
    PICK Camera
    This ultra-compact, 2.0-megapixel digital camera lets kids snap lo-fi pictures and video on the go — no batteries required! These colorful cameras plug right into any USB drive so your tween can easily upload pictures.
    Get it from Four Corner Store, $65 »
  • Air Hogs Hyper Actives Pro R/C Vehicles 29 of 70
    Air Hogs Hyper Actives Pro R/C Vehicles
    Racing these micro-sized speed demons is the closest our kids will ever come to doing 450 mph (we’re talking speed to scale, of course) on dry land.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $39.99 »
  • Zoku Pop Maker 30 of 70
    Zoku Pop Maker
    Anybody can make ice pops at home, but only people with a Zoku pop maker can make ice pops in seven — yes, seven — minutes.
    Get it from Zoku Home, $49.95 »
  • Power House Experiment Kit 31 of 70
    Power House Experiment Kit
    The Power House Kit teaches kids about alternative energy sources by allowing them to build a model house and conduct experiments involving solar panels, windmills, greenhouses, and more! It also includes a comprehensive experiment manual with instructions, scientific explanations, and energy-saving tips.
    Get it from Arbor Scientific, $99 »
  • Stick It! 99 DIY Duct Tape Projects 32 of 70
    Stick It! 99 DIY Duct Tape Projects
    Older kids can be a tough crowd to buy for, but our tween-age sources tell us that duct tape projects are all the rage right now. (Think: Wallets! Messenger bags! Flip-flops!). So you can’t go wrong buying this DIY book, along with a few funky duct tape patterns from the craft store, for a fun and affordable gift.
    Get it from Amazon, $11.53 »
  • JAKKS Pacific I Am T-Pain Mic 33 of 70
    JAKKS Pacific I Am T-Pain Mic
    Even if they don’t know T-Pain from tea time, kids will love giving their voice the robotic R&B treatment with this microphone, which also lets you sing along to your own MP3s.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $39.99 »
  • Moshi Monsters Moshling Mini-Figures 3-Pack 34 of 70
    Moshi Monsters Moshling Mini-Figures 3-Pack
    These pint-sized beasties aren’t just fun to collect; they also have an online component that allows kids to build virtual worlds using the included codes.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $4.79 »
  • RumbaTime Broadway Mini 35 of 70
    RumbaTime Broadway Mini
    This extra-comfy silicone watch is actually a slap bracelet (!!!), once again bringing back the slap. Not only that, but the band and watch face are completely interchangeable, meaning kids can swap in different color combinations to match their outfit or mood.
    Get it from RumbaTime, $20 »
  • I Think I Canvas Mega Sorter 36 of 70
    I Think I Canvas Mega Sorter
    It may not seem like it now, but the day will come when your kids will have to do their own laundry! Get them in the habit of separating their whites, darks, and colors with this easy canvas sorter.
    Get it from Land of Nod, $24.95 »
  • Personalized Lunch Box 37 of 70
    Personalized Lunch Box
    These retro-cool personalized lunch boxes aren't just great for school but everyday use as well — whether it’s for daycare, a day at the park, or a road trip.
    Get it from Feterie, $36.75 »
  • World Repair Kit 38 of 70
    World Repair Kit
    This kit includes tons of do-gooder tools to make volunteering fun for kids. The 250-page guidebook is filled with eye-opening facts and inspirational ideas about the environment, conservation and human rights. So while there are plenty of fun activities for kids (including stickers and stamps), they’ll also be given some pretty powerful messages about what they can actually accomplish.
    Get it from Serena & Lily, $24.95 »
  • The Sneaky Book for Boys (and Girls) 39 of 70
    The Sneaky Book for Boys (and Girls)
    The Sneaky Book for Boys provides complete how-to instructions and diagrams for gadgets, survival skills, magic tricks, communication codes, and science projects. And don’t worry, this isn’t a “no girls allowed” kind of situation; a version for girls is also available.
    Get it from ThinkGeek, $7.99 »
  • Cranium Brain Breaks 40 of 70
    Cranium Brain Breaks
    It might fit in the palm of your hand, but the newest Cranium is big on entertainment, with 200 brainy games that the entire family can play — in 60 seconds or less.
    Get it from Amazon, $12.96 »
  • All You Need Is Love Poster 41 of 70
    All You Need Is Love Poster
    Simple yet stylish graphic wall art for your budding Beatles fan.
    Get it from A Vintage Poster, $14 »
  • Wow Stuff My Keepon Dancing Robot 42 of 70
    Wow Stuff My Keepon Dancing Robot
    This dancing robot is big on personality and super-responsive to sound and touch — and, unlike big brothers or sisters, it never criticizes your taste in music.
    Get it from Toys “R” Us, $39.99 »
  • Old Time Sling Shot 43 of 70
    Old Time Sling Shot
    This classic sling shot is handmade from branches of the Buckthorn bush, a plant that’s now considered an invasive species. Harvesting Buckthorn wood helps with efforts to control the species, so consider this toy a “green” one — just don’t let kids shoot any birds!
    Get it from Hickoree’s Hard Goods, $21 »
  • THQ uDraw HD GameTablet for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii 44 of 70
    With its stylus pen and digital drawing surface, HQ’s uDraw is more than just a clever controller. The included uDraw Studio game lets kids draw their ideas to life — and even create their own games — using your HD TV as a canvas.
    Get it from Target, $79.99
  • Popochos LED Watch 45 of 70
    Popochos LED Watch
    Popochos is the trendiest new watch for kids, with its neon-colored, stretchy silicone bands and the interchangeable watch skins (sold separately) to match different moods and outfits. We especially love the easy-to-read LED screen and water-resistant design.
    Get it from Nordstrom, $27 »
  • Olliegraphic Personalized Plates 46 of 70
    Olliegraphic Personalized Plates
    sh; it's no wnder moms love them, too!
    Get it from sarah + Abraham, $24 »
  • Calafant Treehouse 47 of 70
    Calafant Treehouse
    Not only is this 22” high treehouse way cooler for imaginative play than any plastic castle, but it also comes un-colored and disassembled, so kids are free to really make it their own.
    Get it from Creative Toyshop, $24.99 »
  • Dance Central 2 for Xbox 360 + Kinect 48 of 70
    Dance Central 2 for Xbox 360 + Kinect
    Any video game that gets the kids moving is all right with us — but in Dance Central 2, the multiplayer routines feel so much like honest-to-goodness training that you might start thinking about starting your own family dance crew.
    Get it from Amazon, $49.99 »
  • The Annotated Phantom Tollbooth 49 of 70
    The Annotated Phantom Tollbooth
    This is the kind of book you’ll buy as a gift and be tempted to keep for yourself. Written in the early ’60s, Phantom Tollbooth was a book born on the winds of change and remains one of the most original fantasy novels of all time. Following Milo’s journey through “The Lands Beyond” was a reading rite of passage for many boomers and the generations that followed. This annotated version has backstory galore, making it a true collector’s item.
    Get it from Amazon, $17.60 »
  • DIY Friendship Bracelet 50 of 70
    DIY Friendship Bracelet
    This step-by-step tutorial on the classic chevron friendship bracelet is the perfect gift for a young one to receive — or make!
    Get the tutorial from honestlywtf.com, free »
  • SodaStream Fizz Sparkling Water Maker 51 of 70
    SodaStream Fizz Sparkling Water Maker
    With this SodaStream, you can control what goes in your kids’ bubbly drinks. Plus, they’ll love watching you make these carbonated creations just for them.
    Get it from Williams-Sonoma, $149.95 »
  • Acorn DIY Kit 52 of 70
    Acorn DIY Kit
    The perfect craft for a rainy day, this acorn kit will add a little nature into your kids’ lives. They can decorate their rooms with their finished masterpieces!
    Get it from Goose Grease on Etsy, $15 »
  • Clue: World of Harry Potter Edition 53 of 70
    Clue: World of Harry Potter Edition
    Along with its familiar spells and characters, this Hogwarts-themed edition of the classic board game lets us use the Floo Network to sneak in and out of rooms.
    Get it from Amazon, $26.49 »
  • Time-Lapse Camera 54 of 70
    Time-Lapse Camera
    Your budding filmmaker will love this weather-resistant camera that makes shooting time-lapse videos a cinch. All they need to do is set it up and let it record for hours on end!
    Get it from Photojojo, $149 »
  • C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint 55 of 70
    C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint
    If you love the ultra-cooling, minty-tasting lip shine from C.O. Bigelow (and who doesn’t?), their smash-hit formula is now available in a range of lip tints. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for virtually anyone.
    Get it from Bath and Body Works, $7.50 »
  • Dylans Candy Bar Gingerbread House Kit 56 of 70
    Dylans Candy Bar Gingerbread House Kit
    Forget those gingerbread houses that taste like cardboard and glue. This year, why not treat yourself — we mean, your kids — to a pre-assembled house and bags of candy from the iconic Dylan’s Candy Bar?
    Get it from Neiman Marcus, $40 »
  • Wow Wee Paper Jamz Pro Series Microphone 57 of 70
    Wow Wee Paper Jamz Pro Series Microphone
    Easier on the wallet than a real P.A. system, this working cardboard (yes, cardboard) microphone and amp lets kids unleash their inner pop star, complete with voice effects.
    Get it from Amazon, $22.89 »
  • 14K Gold Kids earrings 58 of 70
    14K Gold Kids earrings
    Made from 100 percent recycled 14-karat gold with fair trade-certified gemstones, these darling earrings will look so sweet on your fashionable little environmentalist.
    Get it from Rebekah Green, $45 »
  • Blink Ketchup and Mustard Bottles 59 of 70
    Blink Ketchup and Mustard Bottles
    A fun, unexpected, and slightly unnerving gift, these ketchup and mustard bottles with blinking, doll-like eyes will undoubtedly keep the kids occupied at cookouts.
    Get it from Uncommon Goods, $25 »
  • Apple iPod nano with Multi-Touch 60 of 70
    Apple iPod nano with Multi-Touch
    With its petite size and reasonable price, the iPod Nano is Apple’s kid-friendliest MP3 player. This year’s Nano adds multi-touch controls and clock interfaces — making it perfect for slap-on watch straps such as Disney’s Magic Band ($24.99 from PDP).
    Get it from Apple, $129
  • Silly Straw 61 of 70
    Silly Straw
    This crazy straw wraps around the eyes like glasses so you can literally see every sip you take. Kids are guaranteed to get a kick out of it (hey, we do!).
    Get it from Urban Outfitters, $6 »
  • UGG Shearling-Trim Ear Muffs 62 of 70
    UGG Shearling-Trim Ear Muffs
    Keep little ears toasty in these stylish ear muffs made from natural shearling.
    Get them from Neiman Marcus, $55 »
  • Bleacher Creatures Plush 63 of 70
    Bleacher Creatures Plush
    Bleacher Creatures scale down NFL and MLB players into 14” plush sizes, making them perfect for older kids who like to pretend they’ve outgrown stuffed toys.
    Get it from Amazon, $21.99 »
  • Crewcuts Girls Sherpa-Lined Nylon Coat 64 of 70
    Crewcuts Girls Sherpa-Lined Nylon Coat
    One coat can battle rainstorms, protect against icy cold winds and complement a bright sunshine-y day — all in a fashionable package.
    Get it from J. Crew, $138 »
  • The Dangerous Book for Boys and The Double Daring Book for Girls 65 of 70
    The Dangerous Book for Boys and The Double Daring Book for Girls
    Outrageous and sometimes next to impossible, the advice and activities suggested in these books are precariously fun for older kids on their own, or for the whole family. And the old-fashioned presentation gives these gifts a retro edge.
    Get The Dangerous Book for Boys, $16.84 »
  • Photo Night Light 66 of 70
    Photo Night Light
    Keep the hallway lit through the night with this unique gift, which turns your favorite photo into an adorable night light that’ll ward off scary monsters.
    Get it from KODAK Gallery »
  • Terra Kids Experimental Box Knack of Knots 67 of 70
    Terra Kids Experimental Box Knack of Knots
    This kit includes ropes, winding cards, carabiner clips, and the instructions we need for getting tangled up in some good, old-fashioned knot-tying.
    Get it from Creative Kidstuff, $19.99 »
  • Refurbished iPod Nano 68 of 70
    Refurbished iPod Nano
    Buying a refurbished iPod means that no new material was used to make the iPod and the original product was kept out of landfills. Bonus: they’re also cheaper than buying brand-new iPods and come with a one-year warranty.
    Get it from Apple, prices vary »
  • Buckyballs Blue Edition 69 of 70
    Buckyballs Blue Edition
    No longer just desk toys, Buckyballs super-strong modeling magnets now come in a range of kid-alluring colors — Marbles’ awesome Blue Edition being the newest.
    Get it from Marbles the Brain Store, $39.95 »
  • Hello Kitty Chainstitch Sewing Machine 70 of 70
    Hello Kitty Chainstitch Sewing Machine
    Get your little seamstress started with this ultra-cool Hello Kitty sewing machine. In fact, does this come in full size? We want one for ourselves! Get it from Amazon, $39.99 »

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