Thanksgiving Crafts for Kindergartners: Apple turkeys and Fall Garlands


Apple Turkey:

Make these turkey treats from apples and candy and use them as decorations, table settings or give as gifts. Kids will enjoy getting creative and personalizing their turkeys to match their personalities.

Apples, toothpicks, candy corn and other soft candies in a variety of fall colors

Step 1: With adult supervision, slide candy onto toothpicks.

Step 2: Carefully push toothpicks into apple to form turkey’s head, feathers and more.

Paper Sunflower Garland:

These paper sunflower garlands are easy to make and look lovely adorning the dining room for Thanksgiving and the entire fall season.

Construction paper, scissors, string or ribbon, stapler, crayons or markers

Step 1: Cut circles of brown construction paper in a variety of sizes.

Step 2: Cut petals of yellow construction paper in a variety of sizes.

Step 3: Use markers or crayons to add texture and/or patterns to all of the sunflower pieces.

Step 4: Glue flowers together and set aside to dry.

Step 5: Grownups attach the sunflowers to string or ribbon using a stapler.

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