13 Money-Saving Tricks and Treats for Halloween

This time of year is always kind of strange for me. I’m in the middle ground — I don’t have kids yet, but I’m too old to be going out to some costume-themed bar with Jell-o shots (and so are you, probably).

I love the idea of Halloween, though. When else do we walk around and talk to our neighbors, if only briefly? When else do our neighbors give us treats? This is my first Halloween at my new home, and I live on a pretty residential street, so I’m hoping we’ll get a bunch of monsters and goblins and princesses and other really creative things! I mean, I really hope we get a bunch. Otherwise, I’m powerless around the fun-sized leftovers.

I thought it would be fun to create a trick-or-treat for ourselves this time of year. Check out 13 money-saving tricks and treats below.

  • 13 Money-Saving Tricks and Treats for Halloween 1 of 14
  • 1. Trick yourself into saving extra money for the holidays 2 of 14

    Use this method next year to give yourself an extra $500 around Christmas time! You'll save money for retirement AND have an extra cushion in December.


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  • 2. Treat yourself when you hit a goal 3 of 14
    13 Money-Saving Tricks and Treats for Halloween

    There's so much value in a well-earned treat. Even when you haven't hit a major goal, you can celebrate tiny victories by treating yourself. And the treat doesn't have to be expensive either. You can treat yourself for $5 or less!


    Image by Frugal Portland

  • 3. Trick yourself into feeling poorer than you are 4 of 14

    Put half of your income into a separate financial institution and save it. Live on half. Using this trick will a) make you more frugal, and b) ultimately make you wealthier.


    Image by Frugal Portland

  • 4. Treat other people with kindness 5 of 14

    Make a conscious effort this week to be kinder. Suppress your inner critic and your inner sarcastic voice. Replace it with kindness and see how far it takes you!


    Image by Frugal Portland

  • 5. Trick yourself into seeing how good you have it 6 of 14

    I can't be the only one who complains about first world problems, right? When you catch yourself starting to complain, use the trick that makes you stop and realize just how amazing life is.


    Image by Frugal Portland

  • 6. Treat your family to something fun that doesn’t cost much 7 of 14

    Maybe make a batch of treats? Or make some hot apple cider and your house will smell amazing. Get everyone on board with the changing of the seasons.


    Image by Frugal Portland

  • 7. Trick out your living space 8 of 14

    Decorate your living space with something you can repurpose: buy winter squash and make a table scape. After Halloween, make a huge batch of cream of squash soup.


    Image by Frugal Portland

  • 8. Treat your credit card with respect 9 of 14

    It's a tool, remember? One that is very easy to abuse. Respect it because it won't respect you. 


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  • 9. Trick your household into wanting less 10 of 14

    Go home tonight and donate things that no longer bring value. Start living like a minimalist. It's true that the less you have, the less you want. And getting rid of stuff feels good.


    Image by Frugal Portland

  • 10. Treat yourself like Macklemore 11 of 14

    That's right, head to the thrift shop. Get some winter gear, or really anything else you want with $20 in your pocket.


    Image by Frugal Portland

  • 11. Trick yourself into thinking you don’t have a credit card 12 of 14

    Just for a bit, try the envelope method. When you spend cash, it feels much more real than simply swiping a card.


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  • 12. Treat your body to some exercise 13 of 14

    When you get moving, you feel better, you get stronger, and your immune system improves. Daily exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health, both financial, and otherwise.


    Image by Frugal Portland

  • 13. Trick your friends into giving you cool stuff 14 of 14

    Host one of these parties. When it's over, you'll end up with more cookbooks, clothes, booze, or food. And you'll have a great time with your friends. So it's not really a trick at all!

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