7 Money Mistakes My Friends and I Still Make

I have a confession to make.

I have made a ton of mistakes with my money. And honestly, I thought they were behind me. I mean, I overcame all kinds of debt! Credit cards, student loans, a car loan — you name it!

But those mistakes were in the past… or so I thought.

Lately, I have made so many STUPID mistakes with my money. But I’ve had company! My friends have made some pretty good blunders themselves. We got to talking about some of our more embarrassing mistakes with money. It was a lively, spirited conversation, and it made us laugh. And by that I mean, it made us laugh at each other.

Here are the 7 money mistakes my friends and I still make. Do any of them sound familiar to you?

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  • 1. I spent over $100 on Candy Crush. 2 of 8

    I played way too much Candy Crush, and once, because I thought it would be fun, I spend 99 cents to get more lives. One thing led to another, and wouldn't you know it? I spent over $100 on that game!


    I had to remove it from my phone when I couldn't beat a level. As embarrassing as it is, it's nowhere near as bad as thinking about how much time I spent on it!


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  • 2. I overdrafted… twice. 3 of 8

    I can explain! Due to personal issues, I did not work as much in September as I expected, and therefore did not make as much in October. I had a check in my wallet that I hadn't deposited yet, because I was waiting on one more. However, in an attempt to simplify my financial life (ha!), my credit card automatically comes out on the 8th of the month, in the "full amount due" -- see where this is going?


    Yeah. I overdrafted once when the credit card came out, and once when the electric bill came out. I asked my credit union to waive those fees, but to no avail. The idiot tax, maybe?


    Image by kakisky

  • 3. I paid to check my bags. 4 of 8

    Now, this one really wasn't my fault. I hate paying to check bags! But I was flying on an airline that charged MORE to carry a bag on than to check it! Isn't that crazy? I thought so. I had to do it. I mean, I was at the airport, and was therefore a captive audience. But that doesn't mean I liked it. Now, I've learned my lesson: check the fine print! Airlines are sneaking fees left and right!


    Image by Frugal Portland

  • 4. I bought running shoes before I needed them. 5 of 8

    I started running with my boyfriend recently, and now we're training for a half marathon. When we set out one night to go on one of our scheduled runs, I couldn't find my shoes. Turns out, I'd left them at my dad's house, 100 miles away. Oops. Oh well! "I'll just buy a new pair!" I said, "I think I want some with a thicker sole, anyway." My dad gave me back my old shoes three days later.


    Image by myfairies

  • 5. He had a massage subscription he didn’t use. 6 of 8

    My boyfriend ran his first marathon last year, and set up a subscription to one of those massage places. For $40, he could get a massage every month. If he wanted more, there were discounts. The massages rolled over, month after month, and didn't expire. Then life happened and he stopped scheduling massages. He finally canceled this subscription last week, but he has seven massages remaining to use in the next six months.


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  • 6. She got two parking tickets. 7 of 8

    My sister met up with some friends at the bar. She drove to the bar knowing it was highly likely she'd end up taking a cab back home. So she parked in a two-hour zone. Then she cabbed home later (because a cab is better than driving if you've had a few too many). The next morning, she forgot to go get her car until mid-day. When she got to her car, she had not one, but two parking tickets. She realized she'd have been better off taking a cab both ways if she knew she would end up taking a cab home.


    Image by Alvimann

  • 7. He didn’t cancel after the free trial ran out. 8 of 8
    7 Money Mistakes My Friends and I Still Make

    A few weeks ago, my friend decided to try out Hulu Plus. "Free trial!" it said, so he didn't give it much thought. In fact, he didn't even know when the trial ended, but Hulu Plus knew. So they charged the credit card associated with his AppleTV account. This is simply a lesson in marking the expiration date of a free trial on your calendar, and setting a reminder for it.


    Image by Kevin_P

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