7 Reasons Giving is as Important as Saving When it Comes to Money

When we’re focusing on getting out of debt, we start to think about money all the time. How can I save more? Should I get the $7 entree or the $9 entree?

You can really drive yourself nuts with that! You fret and worry, worry and fret, and you find that you’re thinking about money for no good reason at all.

It’s a little selfish, to be honest. You don’t have to be selfish when you’re getting out of debt. You can be generous. Here are 7 reasons giving is as important as saving when it comes to money.

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  • Giving Helps You See How Good You Have It 2 of 8

    We all struggle, every day. We get frustrated, sad, and angry. And then we see someone in need, and we do something to help that person. Somehow, simply interacting with another person who is struggling more than we are allows us to see our belongings and our blessings in a new light.

  • Giving Allows You to be Generous 3 of 8

    What would happen to you if you had $5 less than you do right now? Not much, right? In fact, I'd argue that you would hardly even notice a $5 difference in your cashflow. But to someone in need, $5 is highly appreciated. When you give, you're allowing yourself to be generous without overextending yourself.

  • Giving Helps You Get Out of Your Head 4 of 8

    When you're focusing on a goal, it's very easy to get stuck inside your own head. But giving money to a stranger in need helps you see that the world is a much bigger place than whatever it is that keeps you internalizing everything.

  • Giving Actually DOES Help Others 5 of 8

    A few dollars, or a meal and a kind word (complete with eye contact) really does help the person you interact with, especially the idea that you're treating someone else precisely the way you'd like to be treated. Dignity goes a long way in this world, and kindness matters.

  • Giving Makes You Feel Better 6 of 8

    Here's something that you might not know: if you're able to get out of your own head and a little outside your comfort zone, and you speak to a stranger in need, you will feel better. You'll feel like a kinder, gentler person, and you'll feel a little lighter, even. If your encounter with a stranger in need goes well, you'll be more inclined to put on a happy face and see the world as a slightly more beautiful place.

  • Giving Makes the World a More Lovely Place 7 of 8

    If we act out of compassion and kindness even half as often as we make snarky comments in our day-to-day lives, the world becomes a better place. We're not trying to eradicate homelessness, or even poverty. We're trying to act with love. Acting with love makes the world better. Giving away something we have to someone who needs it more than we do is a truly beautiful thing.

  • Giving Gives You a Sense of What Money is Good For 8 of 8

    What are you saving for, anyway? Not to be able to afford a bigger TV, that's for sure. When you talk to a stranger and help someone who can't do anything for you, you begin to realize that there's a reason we have money. We have money so that we can take $29 (that we won't miss!) and change someone's day for good.

Article Posted 3 years Ago
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