The 13 Worst Things about Christmas

Oh sure, the holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year. But you don’t have to be a scrooge to know that there’s a dark side to all of this.

In fact, there are some pretty rotten things about Christmas. Sometimes you don’t get as much time off as you want, and sometimes you have to spend more money than you’re comfortable with. See if you agree with my list of the 13 worst things about Christmas.

Or maybe I’m just being a Scrooge. That may very well be true.


  • The 13 Worst Things about Christmas 1 of 14
    The 13 Worst Things about Christmas
  • 1. The traffic 2 of 14

    Traffic jams on all the freeways make errands take triple the amount of time they once did, just last month! How are there more people on the roads in December than any other time?


    Image by gracey

  • 2. The competitive shopping environment 3 of 14

    People can be downright rude when they're holiday shopping, which is ironic, if you think about it. They're out to get presents for the people they love the most, and yet? They'll knock you down for the last Playstation in the store. It's enough to make a rational person shop online!


    Image by snowbear

  • 3. Flying 4 of 14

    The airports are packed. Everyone is heading somewhere else to spend time with their families. Flights are delayed. Rerouted. Cancelled. The flight attendants and pilots would also rather be with their families than working, so it makes everyone a little grouchy.


    Image by Frugal Portland

  • 4. Fruitcake 5 of 14

    Who eats this stuff? Anyone? In my mind, the fruitcake category includes all the baked goods people make that are hardly worth eating. These sit on the counter until they go stale, or they get inhaled in a moment of hunger-fueled weakness.


    Image by MaxStraeten

  • 5. Parking 6 of 14

    Is it just me or does it feel like there are five cars for every parking spot, even at the grocery store? It's madness at every turn!


    Image by mr_write

  • 6. Bell ringers 7 of 14

    Not only are those bells more than mildly irritating, giving change to the Salvation Army helps promote an organization with a sketchy past when it comes to the treatment of homosexuals.


    Image by Dwight Burdette (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

  • 7. Requests for donations 8 of 14

    Everyone has a cause around the holidays, and they all sound worthwhile. But you can't give to everyone who asks! This is why it's best to have a giving strategy year-round, so you can't be guilted into giving toward someone else's cause.


    Image by cohdra

  • 8. Mandatory gift giving 9 of 14

    The office holiday gift exchange. Secret Santa. Gifts for teachers. Cousins-in-law. It's stressful to keep up with all that giving! Then, gift giving gets degraded by tit for tat, 1:1, oh no! You gave me something and I have nothing for you! Stress.


    Image by earl53

  • 9. The weather 10 of 14

    With very few exceptions, December is a yucky time of year, weather wise. Even the song says the weather outside is frightful! Frostbite is a reality in many places. Getting stuck trying to get over mountain passes is a challenge. It makes you want to stay inside, and you would! If you didn't have so many obligations.


    Image by daranthered

  • 10. Vacation time 11 of 14

    It's the end of the year, and most employers only give Christmas Day and New Year's Day off. Do you have enough vacation days left? Or will you have to work?


    Image by jppi

  • 11. Greedy consumers, aka children 12 of 14

    Christmas brings out a heavy case of the "I wants" and it's not pretty. Sure, Santa wants to know what you want for Christmas, but he didn't expect you to want all of the things! Read this guy's hilarious rendition of his 7-year-old's wish list.


    Image by Jusben

  • 12. Ugly sweater parties 13 of 14

    Oh, man. What a racket! You can get an ugly sweater at a thrift shop any time of the year for a few dollars. But the thrift shops have caught on, and now you're looking at a $20 (or more!) investment to go to your friends' house to look like a fool.


    Image by elemenoperica

  • 13. That the magic is fleeting 14 of 14

    All that aside, the worst part about Christmas is that the holiday spirit is fleeting. People are nicer, kinder, more patient versions of themselves around the holidays, and that's wonderful. It's only hard when the tree comes down and the cookies get put away. Cheer goes into a box, only to be replaced by a commitment to eating grapefruit and salad for the whole month of January. And I'd take gingerbread and bad parking over grapefruit, any day.


    Image by kakisky

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