Today is Holiday Budget Day!

Today is Holiday Budget Day!
Today is Holiday Budget Day!

Jeanette at let me know that today is Holiday Budget Day! Hooray!

Wait, why aren’t you cheering? Making a holiday budget just means planning for spending.

And when you plan to spend, you don’t overspend.

And when you don’t overspend, you don’t feel guilty.

And when you don’t feel guilty, you feel good.

Ergo, budgeting for the holidays makes you feel good!

Here are some of Jeanette’s tips for making the most out of holiday budget day:

  • Make a list and stick to it. Shopping lists are great tools to stick to a budget (if it’s not on your list, it can’t go in the cart) and it’s not just for groceries.
  • When planning your holiday meal budget, consider asking family and friends to bring a dish and ask them early so they can plan too. Most often they are happy to bring something, and it alleviates both your budget and time. Look for coupons for your groceries, as many manufacturers offer promotions for holiday-related food.
  • Once you have your list, check for coupons and coupon codes. Many stores offer separate coupons for in-store shopping or online, and at the very least, you should be able to find a code for free shipping if you’re not headed to the malls. You can also stack coupon codes at some online stores, but it usually has to be for different types of deals. For example, you could apply a free shipping code in addition to a 20% off code.
  • If you are not celebrating with friends and family until after the holiday, consider planning to check out to gift card exchange web sites where you can often get cards at a discounted rate, often up to 35% less than the face value.

It sounds silly, but if you take some time this evening to make a budget, you will reduce the stress associated with this season. Make it fun! Cook up some hot apple cider to set the mood. You’ll get warm fuzzies making your list, checking it twice, and finding deals.

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