Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom

The Beauty and the Beast themed Be Our Guest Restaurant opened in the New Fantasyland section in Magic Kingdom to rave reviews about both the food and the incredible setting. Located at the rear of Fantasyland in a breathtaking castle, this attraction is hard to miss.

You begin by checking in at the Bridge entrance and make the request for which dining room you would prefer. The Ballroom or the West Wing. Then you are greeted by one of the Beast’s servants and lead to your table. (Be sure to listen in the hallway for the suits of armor whispering to one another! You might even hear a snore or sneeze.)

Be Our Guest Restaurant Ballroom is the largest dining room that appears to be taken straight from the movie. Truly a spectacular setting!  The hand=painted ceiling, the huge chandeliers – and a magic snowfall outside the massive ‘windows.’  It’s quite dark in here…and a bit loud. So its not a good place for intimate conversation, but great if you have kids who sometimes forget to use ‘restaurant voices.’  Its comfortable and elegant, but not so much that you’ll be uncomfortable with your kids.

The West Wing is a bit cozier than the ballroom, dark with warm wood tables and leather seats. There are more magic touches from the movie in this section – watch for the Enchanted Rose that drops petals throughout the day. There is thunder occasionally, which leads to some spectacular special effects – but if you have a child who is frightened by thunder, sit in the ballroom instead!

In addition to the dinner menu, you’ll also be given a beer and wine menu! This is the first time beer and wine have been offered in the Magic Kingdom. The menu is french inspired, but has something for everyone. You’ll find fancy classics like French Onion Soup ($6.99), Roasted Cornish Hen ($15.99) and Mussels Provencal ($10.99) – which are all highly recommended – alongside less exotic fare like Grilled Strip Steak and pommes frites ($29.99).

The kids menu includes steak and grilled chicken breast. Portions are generous, but not overly so and prices average around $22. After dinner, your server will bring around a dessert cart worthy of the setting.Take your pick for $3.99. (And everything is yummy! Try the Triple Chocolate Cupcake!) And of course – you must try the  “The Grey Stuff.”  This cookies-and-cream whipped panna cotta is delicious. (Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes!) It’s free and not on the menu, so keep in mind that they will only bring it if you ask for it AND you are celebrating something like a birthday, etc.

The Rose Gallery is open for lunch – place your orders in the Beast’s study (and be sure to keep a lookout for Beast himself dropping in!) then head into the Gallery featuring portraits of many of the characters from the movie.  This is quick service, but a bit more upscale than burgers and hotdogs. This serves braised pork, quiche, tuna niçoise salad with a kid’s menu that includes meatloaf and mahi mahi.  Its a great place to get real food and healthy mid-day meals! Lunch entrees run around $9 for adults and $6 for kids, with soups and desserts available as well.  This delicious menu and gorgeous setting is certainly a step up from your typical quick service restaurant – and makes an ordinary lunch extra special.

Make your reservations for Be Our Guest Restaurant WELL in advance of your trip – this is going to be a very popular destination!

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All photos courtesy of Disney Parks!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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