Five ways to celebrate Earth Day

photo-14Looking for a way to recognize Earth Day this month? On April 22nd – or before – consider these five ways to celebrate, all of which make the planet a little bit greener.

1. Plan a floral sneak attack

Greenaid offers seedbombs – small balls of compost and seeds, ready to plant – in kits complete with slingshots, so that you and the guerilla gardeners in your life can enrich your neighborhood with beautiful flowers. Anything that involves slingshots, maps, and sneaking around makes gardening ten times more fun, according to the little people in my house, and would be a great way to recognize Earth Day. Even better – Greenaid’s products are made by formerly homeless men and women, providing them an opportunity to earn a living wage while creating earth-friendly products.



If you’re not ready to order a whole kit, you can check out this handy map, to see if there’s a Greenaid vending machine in your community selling individual seedbombs.

2. Revisit an old favorite

Read (or re-read) The Lorax, and then take a look at these 20 ideas from The Lorax Project and find one or two to do as a family.  From a quick trash pick-up at the local park to pledging to use both sides of every sheet of paper, the list includes easy ways to introduce young children to taking care of the planet.

3. Join the party

Attend the Party for the Planet at your local zoo or aquarium. Last year, more than 100 zoos and aquariums across North America participated in the Party for the Planet in celebration of Earth Day.


Zoos offer special activities, and highlight their conservation work, like the Denver Zoo’s efforts to become a zero waste facility by 2025.

4. Get crafty

We’ve made dozens of toilet paper tube binoculars in our house – take two tubes, wrap on some duct tape, and you’ve got a recycled craft – and enough cardboard castles to fill many a kingdom. My kids are ready to take recycled crafts to the next level this Earth Day with something like this Easter egg snake, perfect for those dozens of plastic eggs left at our house. Or, if you’ve got extra egg cartons, get your garden sprouts started with an egg carton garden.

5. Follow in other kids’ footsteps

Kids around the world are leaders in the environmental movement. Take some time to be inspired by their incredible work, whether it’s kids creating more efficient school buses or a young man in Jordan working with his neighborhood on a clean-up project.



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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