How to Make Trash Pick-Up Fun

photo(50)Want to fight litter the fun way? Litterati can help you do just that.

Litterati’s vision is to build a trash-free world with the help of a digital landfill. The founder was inspired to create Litterati by his daughters, who pointed out trash filling the sidewalks, where it doesn’t belong. No one wants to see trash cluttering up the sidewalks – so here’s what you can do to make trash pick-up more than just a chore.

Next time you pick up a piece of trash in the park, take a picture before you throw it in the trash can or recycling bin where it belongs. Then, put it up through Instagram tagged Litterati. It all goes up via Google Maps, and then you can see the trash mapped out, and your clean-up efforts combined with others across the country.

Litterati then hopes to use all that data and work with communities to place more public trash cans in the litter-filled spots, or with companies whose product wrappings are making up the bulk of the trash.

So far, 11,360 pieces of litter from around the world have been picked up.

The biggest offender? Cigarettes, followed by plastic products and Starbucks cups.

A park clean-up, with the biggest offenders snapped and hastagged #Litterati, would make a community service project more fun. Litterati’s found a clever way to combine social media’s strengths with community service.




Article Posted 3 years Ago

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