Want To “Green” Your Home For A Baby? Heres How.


I’ve been reading a lot of stuff about chemicals that aren’t safe to have at home if you have kids. I’m pregnant with a baby girl and want to create a greener home for her. Do you have ideas on how to start this process, especially during pregnancy? Thanks!

Well hello, music to our ears! It’s fantastic that you want to prioritize this shift to greener living while you’re pregnant. We applaud your efforts, knowing that this is a tired and busy 40+ weeks and adding greening your home to all else you have to do can sometimes feel like extra drudge work. Greening your home environment—where baby will spend the majority of her time—is a great thing to do when pregnant. In fact we just released our latest e-book, Easy Steps to a Safer Pregnancy, to help you do exactly what you want to do right now: help you and your growing bump minimize exposure to certain unsafe chemicals that can be found in pretty much every home—carcinogens, hormone disruptors, neurotoxins. These are particularly unsafe to have around during such delicate developmental phases.

We cover everything from personal care products to organic food in the e-book, and we urge you to download it to check it out. It’s free! Some of the simple steps we suggest taking to green your home while pregnant include swapping any conventional cleaners to natural ones, reading all cosmetic labels and really making sure what you put on your skin is safe for the baby growing inside you, choosing foods with minimal pesticide residues, and no antibiotics or hormones. We also talk about lead paint, creating a healthy nursery, and filtering the water that is so important to drink while incubating.

For more great tips, watch this Kids In The House video of Healthy Child Healthy World advisory board member Dr. Alan Greene, founder of He’s uniquely articulate when it comes to translating environmental health issues into information anyone can understand. It’s really compelling to hear him explain the significance of a “green” pregnancy, including steps you can take.

Meanwhile, congrats and enjoy your pregnancy!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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