10 Amazing Military Father-Daughter Surprise Reunions

Like so many girls her age, my little sweetheart is over-the-moon excited about Valentine’s Day. What could be more thrilling for a four-year-old than a WHOLE ENTIRE DAY dedicated to chocolate candy, the color pink, and love? And who is her first love? Daddy, of course. Talking to her about how her father is her Valentine got me thinking about little girls that don’t get to spend Valentine’s Day with their dads, and that led me to imagining the sadness of children separated from their folks while they are serving our country overseas. I went to find this one amazing video I had previously seen where a father surprises his daughter in school, and then of course I started blubbering and watched reunion after reunion until felt my heart might explode. Oh jeez, excuse me, I’ll just be here with my tissues. God bless and godspeed to all of our dads and moms that can’t be with their little Valentines this year. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us, and I hope that soon your family can have a reunion like these 10 fathers and daughters did…

  • A School Day to Remember 1 of 10
    A School Day to Remember
    Your heart is sure to melt when you see the look on this little girls face as her father walks into her classroom.
  • Can You Spell ‘Sergeant’? 2 of 10
    Can You Spell 'Sergeant'?
    This little girl gets a special surprise when she spells 'sergeant' correctly at her school spelling bee.
  • Father Surprises His Daughter on Senior Night 3 of 10
    Father Surprises His Daughter on Senior Night
    Watch as this dad sneaks across the field to give his daughter the surprise of a lifetime.
  • A Surprise x 4 4 of 10
    A Surprise x 4
    After being deployed for 13 months, this dad surprises all four of his daughters at school.
  • There’s a Surprise in the Office 5 of 10
    There's a Surprise in the Office
    While she checks out the new house she finds a very special someone in the back room.
  • An Assembly to Remember 6 of 10
    An Assembly to Remember
    Her expression quickly changes when she recognizes the marine on stage at her school assembly.
  • All I Want for Christmas 7 of 10
    All I Want for Christmas
    Santa makes her wish come true this Christmas (her voice will melt your heart around 1:19).
  • Surprise at the Valentine’s Day Dance 8 of 10
    Surprise at the Valentine's Day Dance
    A regular school Valentine's Day dance turns into a night to remember.
  • Daddy Comes Home 9 of 10
    Daddy Comes Home
    Her double take is priceless as she realizes it's her daddy walking through the door.
  • Double the Love 10 of 10
    Double the Love
    His twin girls have never been happier as they run to him with tears of joy.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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