7 Awesome and Unique Subscription Boxes for Moms

Have you ever wanted to purchase a subscription box for a friend or loved one but kind of chickened out? I know I have! But as the recipient of some awesome subscription boxes, I know how much fun they can be, and they are popping up all over!

As the person PAYING for the box, you hope it will be worth the money and that the other person will like it … but it can be hard to know! So I was super excited when I was recently introduced to My Subscription Addiction, a site that reviews subscription boxes in great detail. The website’s founder, Liz Bensink, personally reviews the boxes, and then comments and reviews are opened up to other people.

I thought I’d share some subscription boxes I have enjoyed personally, as well as some that Liz recommends that are great for moms. To be clear, these boxes are not sponsoring this post! These are mine and Liz’s opinions only. You’ll have to let me know if you’ve enjoyed others!

So here we go:

Seven Awesome and Unique Subscription Boxes for Moms:


Image Source: Olive Box

$25 a month plus shipping

I was gifted Olive Box by a sponsor I worked with, and I LOVED getting it! In fact, I’m super sad my subscription is up! Olive Box would be a great gift for a hip and stylish mom who appreciates paper, stationary, art books, and other charming goodies.
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Image Source: Popsugar

$39.95 a month

The POPSUGAR Must Have Box is a complete surprise every month. For each box, the POPSUGAR editors pick out their favorite items of the season. Imagine everything from snacks to jewelry to fitness DVDs. This would be an awesome gift for a mama who likes to stay on top of trends.
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Image Source: Hammock Pack

$60 a month

Hammock Pack is a “vacation in a box.” Each month centers around a themed getaway, like “Lake House” or “Spa Day.” You’ll receive everything from a snack from the locale you’re “visiting” to a must-read book perfect for vacation. This is a great gift for the mama who’s got a serious case of wanderlust, but is landlocked by a toddler or newborn!
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Image Source: Elizabeth & Clarke

$60 to $120 a quarter, depending on your plan

Elizabeth & Clarke specializes in high-quality tops and blouses. You get a new box of seasonal tops each quarter ($60 for one top, $100 for two, $120 for three). The clothing is great for work or casual settings, and you get to pick out the shirts you want. This would be a really thoughtful gift for the working mama who seriously doesn’t have time to shop.
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Image Source: A Kitchen Box

$119 for three months

A Kitchen Box is a new subscription service that sends you a full kitchen experience each month. Each box centers around a theme (their inaugural box was a Cheese Tasting collection), and includes everything from recipe suggestions to kitchen tools to an artisan food item. This would be a fun gift for your foodie mama friend or something to tell your partner to get you! I know I’d want it!
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Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 4.19.18 PM
Image Source: The Period Store

$15-$30 a month depending on your “flow” hahaha

Ok, so this one might be hard to gift to anyone other than your sister, but you should totally consider gifting it to yourself! The Period Store box sends you everything you need to survive your period, including your choice of feminine products, chocolate, meds, and tea. I love this idea, because instead of dreading your period, you’ll be stoked to receive a package each month! Like I said, this might be hard to gift, but then again it could be a fun gift for a new mom who has just gotten her period again (after giving birth) and is pretty bummed about it! I know I was.
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Image Source: Level Naturals

$15  a month plus shipping

Level Naturals is “changing the world one shower at a time”, and I’m totally on board. These products are super well-designed and look amazing. It’s like a monthly mini spa subscription. Each month you receive two shower bombs, a vegan and gluten-free bar of soap, a soy travel candle, and one extra surprise!
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