10 Beloved Animated Characters As 21st Century Teenagers

Animated characters live in a fantasy world; a world that is created purely by imagination. We meet some of our favorite animated characters as adults — but what would these characters be like if they lived in our world, as teenagers?

Who would be in trouble at school, who would fight with their parents, and what would some of  their favorite movies, music, and subjects be? Check out my opinions of what some of our favorite characters would be like as 21st century teenagers — who, or what, would you add?


  • Belle 1 of 10

    Belle, an aspiring children's book author, spends her lunchtimes in the school library, reading the latest in young adult fiction. Her best friend, and "boyfriend" (they haven't changed their Facebook statuses yet, so we'll see how it works out) is Adam, a blue-eyed, shaggy-haired teenage boy, who has a penchant for gardening (roses, anyone?) and making Belle happy.


    Belle dreams of visiting far-off places and hopes that the children's book she is writing about dancing kitchenware will someday get published. She works part-time at a cafe named "The Grey Stuff" and uses her paychecks to buy more books. A boy in her class, Gaston, asks her out constantly via, but Belle refuses to give him the time of day. Belle and her father fight sometimes, mostly about how she continually leaves her books around the house, and doesn't put them back in her bookcase where they belong. 


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  • Cinderella 2 of 10

    Cinderella is currently in her freshman year of college at RISD. She dreams of one day owning a company called "Fairy Godmother" which  aims to provide dresses, shoes, and makeovers to the girls (and boys) in high school who can't afford to spend heaps on getting dolled up for prom.


    Cinderella is currently working part-time as a cleaning assistant, to help pay for college. Unfortunately, one of her jobs is working at her step-mother's house, in exchange for unlimited use of the television when America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, or Devil Wears Prada is on.  She and her boyfriend, who works at the shoe store on Prince street, just celebrated their four month anniversary. Her boyfriend got her Taylor Swift concert tickets to celebrate, but Cinderella's step mother wouldn't let her go as Cinderella hadn't made Drizella's bed "properly." 


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  • Betty Boop 3 of 10
    betty boop

    Betty Boop spends 60% of her free time on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and the rest of her free time shopping. Her parents made the mistake of giving her a credit card for her eighteenth birthday, and Betty discovered the wonders of online shopping — needless to say, two days after her birthday she owed her parents $500, and the credit card was torn up. Her favorite movie is 'Easy A', as she too, has an unfortunate (but false) high school reputation, encouraged by her slightly promiscuous choice of clothing.  


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  • Pocahontas 4 of 10

    Pocahontas can often be found trying to convert her boyfriend to a vegan lifestyle, and rescuing as many abandoned animals from shelters as her parents will allow. She and her boyfriend often have differing opinions, which leads to many fights, (mostly over Twitter — a good fight is nothing if it's not posted over the internet), but, ultimately, they'll always make up sooner or later. 


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  • Mulan 5 of 10

    Mulan secretly thinks that she would beat Katniss Everdeen if The Hunger Games was real. She gets irritated that her mom and grandma act like she and Li Shang  are going to get married any day now, even though they're both fifteen and have only been on five dates. She does, however, have Li Shang's phone number under the contact name "<3", and is planning on asking him to the school dance which is coming up. 


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  • Richie Rich 6 of 10
    richie rich

    Richie Rich is currently in the middle of trying to bribe colleges with new renovations in order to secure his place at an Ivy League (it's not working, but it's not discouraging him). An ultimately nice, if not a little pompous guy, Richie Rich still needs to learn there's more to life than money. He's currently working on a plan to hide his "spare change" ($100,000 doesn't seem to fit between the couch cushions, funnily enough), and discussing his fears that a Bling Ring-esque type group will burgle his place next with his therapist. 


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  • Ariel 7 of 10

    Ariel recently got after school detention for instigating a protest on her school's decision to start serving sushi in the cafeteria (What? Fish are friends, not food). Her parents want her to be an Olympian swimmer one day, but Ariel prefers to swim for fun, tanning on the beach with her friends, or going out in her boyfriend Eric's boat. She recently lost her voice to Laryngitis, which she caught from Ursula, her arch nemesis on swim team. 

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  • Charlie Brown 8 of 10

    Charlie Brown is the boy the teachers secretly adore, yet feel sorry for, all at the same time:  the one who tries hard, is always punctual to lessons, is polite and determined, yet always fails. That's okay though, because Charlie Brown never gives up hope: hope that one day he'll learn how to text faster than his grandma, hope that he'll one day pass geometry, and hope that one day he'll become a member of One Direction. 


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  • Robin Hood 9 of 10
    robin hood

    You can often find Robin Hood breaking into his more wealthy classmates' lockers, stealing their loose change, and gifting it to those in his class who are less fortunate. He's been accused of stealing more than once, and been sent to the Principal's office more times than he can count, but always manages to escape without punishment. He claims it's because of his charisma; the principal just claims that no punishment would ever make Robin Hood change his ways. 


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  • Shaggy 10 of 10

    Perhaps not the most dedicated student, Shaggy's favorite subject is definitely lunchtime. He started doing Home Economics as a freshman, not because he was necessarily interested in the subject, but just because it involved free food.

     His tall stature would make him an awesome basketball player, but Shaggy refuses to be a part of any school activities until they allow him to bring his dog to classes. Shaggy and his parents often fight about his "que sera, sera" attitude toward tests — he firmly believes there is no point to studying, and that it won't make him any smarter than he already is. 


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