10 Biggest Lies We Tell Our Kids

Lying is wrong. But you knew that.  If our kids tell a lie, we tend to get all insane about it, look it up on Baby Center to see if it’s a normal phase of development or if we’re dealing with a budding sociopath. And yet the truth of the matter is that we lie to our kids all the time!

I’m not saying we shouldn’t lie to our children because some of our lies are necessary. How about telling our kids it’s later than it really is to help them adjust to Daylight Savings Time? Or that sugar bugs are going to eat their teeth if they don’t brush?

We’re just looking out for them! Of course we also lie to save their feelings, save our asses and often, just to save our sanity. Here then, are what I think are the 10 Biggest Lies We Tell Our Kids:

  • “I’ll be there in a minute!” 1 of 10
    "I'll be there in a minute!"
    We all know that a minute could mean anywhere from 20 minutes to as soon as you hear the sound of glass shattering.
  • “I’m listening.” 2 of 10
    "I'm listening."
    No you're not. You're mentally forming your Target shopping list. Just try to make your face more believable.
  • “I’m watching!” 3 of 10
    "I'm watching!"
    Sometimes these kids want our eyes on them 24/7 and it's just not possible. Every leap off the monkey bars isn't Ringling Brothers worthy but we don't want THEM to know that!
  • “Sexual Intercourse is something that happens between a man and a woman who love each other very much.” 4 of 10
    "Sexual Intercourse is something that happens between a man and a woman who love each other very much."
    Or is that how we tell kids babies are made? Either way, there's a fair amount of fibbing involved.
  • “You’re fine!” 5 of 10
    "You're fine!"
    Sure every bump and bruise isn't going to scar them for life but when we say "you're fine!" aren't we trying to convince ourselves? I have a feeling they're thinking, "Look at my face! Does this look 'fine' to you?"
  • “That’s a great picture of a house/bird/space ship” 6 of 10
    "That's a great picture of a house/bird/space ship"
    Honestly? At least 75% of the time it's not but no one likes a critic.
  • “That’s funny” 7 of 10
    "That's funny"
    And their joke may have been a little funny the very first time but twenty times later it's just annoying. Not that you'd tell them that.
  • “Tie game” 8 of 10
    "Tie game"
    When your kids get a little older they won't fall for this one anymore but while they're still incredibly poor sports it's usually easier to tell them it's a tie even when you just accidentally beat the pants of of them.
  • “It’s closed.” 9 of 10
    "It's closed."
    A classic fib. We use this for parks, ice cream trucks, McDonalds, Disneyland...the list is endless.
  • “I don’t have any money.” 10 of 10
    "I don't have any money."
    This one really doesn't require an explanation only that unfortunately these days it's often no lie.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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