10 Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint

10 Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint stands at the top of my list of favorite things! There’s just so much cool stuff you can do when chalkboard paint is involved. We’ve chalked a good bit of our house in excitement! Today, we’ve checked all over and found some of the best tutorials for chalkboard paint projects. All these activities are super easy and a thrill to play with once you’re done. Pretty soon, you’ll want to start labeling everything in your house!


  • Label Friendly Chalkboard Cups 1 of 10
    Label Friendly Chalkboard Cups
    Get in a label mindset with this awesome DIY. Learn how to make the labels perfectly even with no bleed in the paint. Perfect for parties or big families like mine!

    via domestic charm
  • Chalkboard Paint Coasters 2 of 10
    Chalkboard Paint Coasters
    Ever forget which glass is yours at a party? I do all the time! Until now, I've had to just keep an open mind about what I'm drinking :(. But these label friendly coasters eliminate the problem all together.

    via a thoughtful place
  • DIY Chalkboard Jars 3 of 10
    DIY Chalkboard Jars
    In my house, we really love jars. We're always saving our favorites, removing the labels, and finding other uses for them. With this awesome craft, we know exactly where everything is, no more guesswork!

    via made by me rka
  • Chalkboard Paint Refrigerator 4 of 10
    Chalkboard Paint Refrigerator
    Almost all my around-the-house list making revolves around the fridge. It would be so much cooler if it went ON the fridge instead! This home improvement project will make you the envy of anyone who walks into your kitchen.

    via the handsome home
  • Custom Wall Calendar 5 of 10
    Custom Wall Calendar
    Martha is always thinking of new ways to help up be creative. In this awesome tutorial, we learn how to create new colors with our chalkboard paint. The first thought that came to my mind? A wall calendar!

    via martha stewart
  • Mini Chalk Boards 6 of 10
    Mini Chalk Boards
    With these great shapes and portability, you'll be putting a mini chalk board on every door in your house! These are excellent for homework help too! So much more fun than boring, old paper!

    via sweet mint studios
  • Chalkboard Paint Placemat 7 of 10
    Chalkboard Paint Placemat
    Way too cute! Thanks to these adorable kitchen accessories, I'll never forget which side the knife goes on again! These projects would be perfect for any kitchen. It really adds that homemade feel to everything.

    via somewhat wiser
  • Chalkboard Wine Bottles 8 of 10
    Chalkboard Wine Bottles
    These might be my favorite project in the whole lot. These end up looking absolutely beautiful. They make a wonderful decoration for any area of your home. My favorite is using them in the kitchen.

    via nook and sea
  • Kitchen Chalkboard Paint Wall 9 of 10
    Kitchen Chalkboard Paint Wall
    The kitchen is such a great place for a chalkboard. There's just so many things to remember...and decorate! This added creative space spiced up our kitchen tremendously.

    via design sponge
  • Chalkboard Serving Platter 10 of 10
    Chalkboard Serving Platter
    These serving platters are absolutely wonderful. This tutorial stands out because you're not just covering a serving tray in chalkboard paint, they teach you how to give it that crisp, finished look. Check it out!

    via wit and whistle


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