10 Cool Trunk-or-Treat Ideas for Halloween

I have to admit, I was sort of getting sick of Halloween.  But this year, I decided to participate in Trunk or Treat with a neighborhood church.  And I have to tell you that I think I was more excited than the kids were about decorating our minivan for Trunk or Treat.

This was our first year participating.  We had so much fun and I learned a lot.  Check out my list of  Trunk or Treat Do’s and Don’ts and a few pictures of decorated trunks that I liked.

  • Do Get the Entire Family Involved 1 of 10

    Decorating the trunk for Trunk or Treat is something that the entire family can participate in.  Even Lamar was outside with me and the kids, providing his creative input.  

    Photo Credit: Ronnie Tyler - this was our minivan! We saw that cute little spider at Sam's Club and decided to use it as our theme.  This was our first I think we did pretty good for first timers.  But next year, we will go bigger and better!!

  • Do Clean Out Your Trunk Before You Decorate It! 2 of 10

    Needless to say, we went outside to decorate the back of our van and we were floored at how much mess we had to clean before we could decorate.  We grabbed the hand vacuum, sponges, and a bucket of warm soapy water and went to town cleaning our trunk before decorating it.  

    Photo Credit: Ronnie Tyler - I really don't know what this theme is..but I liked how they incorporated the entire car and that they had props.

  • Do Dress Up to Coordinate with Your Trunk Theme 3 of 10

    OK, so this was my first year. And I was so focused on decorating the car that I did not think about the fact that I needed to dress up too.

    Photo Credit: Ronnie Tyler  - I like this Angry Birds theme and I liked how they dressed up too!

  • Do Bring Enough Candy 4 of 10

    I quickly found out that Trunk or Treating is nothing like Trick or Treating. Every year with Trick or Treating, I usually end up with extra candy.  But this year with Trunk or Treating, I ran out in the first 30 minutes.  Thank goodness our oldest tween daughter is not so pressed out candy.  Every so often, she came over to me an emptied her treat bag into my bowl so that I would have more candy to pass out.  Also, a volunteer from the church also went around re-stocking our candy when we ran out.  It was very well organized.

    Photo Credit: Ronnie Tyler - I really liked this trunk the best. I thought it was very creative. This mother and her teen daughter worked together to decorated.  I love how Trunk or Treat allows families to come together.

  • Do Bring an Extra Person 5 of 10

    As I stated above, Trunk or Treating is a family affair.  You definitely need another teen or adult there with you.  First of all, if you have kids yourself, one of you will need to take your kids around while you stay with your vehicle.  Secondly, it may not be a bad idea to actually have another car so that you can go and get things that you left or get more candy if you run out.

    Photo Credit: Ronnie Tyler -  I like that this Twister Theme was interactive.

  • Do Arrive Early 6 of 10

    Again, this was my first year.  I had no idea how serious this Trunk or Treat thing really is.  They asked us to be there 1 hour early so that we could setup before the festival started.  I came about 15 minutes late because my kids had a birthday party that day...but I still had about 45 minutes to setup.  And wow, everybody was already there, when we arrived.  They had setup these elaborate scenes and they were sitting in their lawn chairs waiting for the kids to arrive.  Next year I'll be ready!!

    Photo Credit: Ronnie Tyler - I love this Candy Crush Saga Theme.

  • Do Get to Know Your Neighbors 7 of 10

    Trunk or Treat gave me another opportunity to meet my neighbors in our small community.  But next year, I am going to do a better job of  introducing myself and learning people's names.

    Photo Credit: Ronnie Tyler -  Isn't this one hilarious and soooo creative.  And this tween boy was doing a good job of playing the part.  He would act as if he was annoyed when he posed for the pictures.  Another great example of how the entire family gets involved.

  • Don’t Leave Early 8 of 10

    Even if you run out of candy, don't pack up your trunk and peel off early.  First of all, it is a little dangerous with all of the kids walking around.  But secondly, even though you don't have candy your neighbors will enjoy seeing your trunk.  

    Photo Credit:  Ronnie Tyler - This zoo theme was very creative.  They even let kids pet the monkey.

  • Don’t Be a Moocher! 9 of 10

    Don't be a moocher!  You don't have to participate every year, but every so often you should decorate your trunk and hand out candy.  Or, at least bring a few bags to give to the folks that run out of candy.

    Photo Credit: Ronnie Tyler -  Isn't this Mad Lab very creative.  That's my daughter in the picture reaching in to get her candy.  And she came out with this gooey stuff on her hand that is supposed to be brains.

  • Don’t Spend Too Much Money! 10 of 10

    I really enjoyed Trunk or Treating this year and so did my kids.  I was just about to give up on Halloween because it felt a little too commercial and the costs were getting out of hand.  Holidays (or in this case celebrations) should be about creating memories with your family.  And I truly believe that I have started a new fun family tradition with mine.

    Photo Credit: Ronnie Tyler  - Isn't this a nice fall theme!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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