10 days of thanksgiving: home

It’s November, which means that for many folks, attention turns to thankfulness. Even Canada recently celebrated their Thanksgiving Day, for example. For the United States, Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  This change in focus, of course, makes sense:  As the end of the year approaches, it’s natural to take some time to stop for a moment, and reflect on the good that the year has brought.

So since Bliss Your Heart is all about gratitude (with a heaping side of journaling), I thought we should do just that. For the next 10 days, I’ll share some prompts for things we can reflect on in gratitude.  The prompts can be used to add thoughts to your journal, or get out and use your camera (or camera phone) to capture, or sketch or draw, or even simply spend some quiet-time with a cuppa just meditating.  My hope is that by the end of this time, we’ll all have created a body of work that reflects the bounty we’ve discovered we have in our lives.  Are you with me?

Awesome.  Let’s go.

These days, my home is a complete shambles. We’re in the process of redoing our kitchen and family room, and in so doing, found a huge leak that had been apparently rotting our walls over the course of several years. The stress of mounting repair bills is palpable, not made any easier by the the fact that for the last month, my family and I have been living on top of each other in a fraction of our home, and “cooking” in a makeshift kitchen which consists of primarily a kettle, a toaster and a hot plate.  It’s been very cozy, to say the very least.

But even with our home in disarray, I know we’ve got it good:  I’ve been thinking of the folks who have been affected by hurricane Sandy (and the subsequent nor’easter that blew in afterwards), and the fact that we’ve had heat and running water throughout our own ordeal makes me realize that we hardly have room to complain.  In addition, having recently returned from a trip to Africa where I was warmly invited into the homes of the some of the poorest people in the world, I am very well aware that when it comes to a physical home, there are literally millions of folks around the world who have far more challenging living conditions than my family and I do, or have ever done.

So all of this has me thinking:  what is it that makes a home, anyway?  I mean, of course creature comforts are lovely, but when we say we want a “happy home,” are the creature comforts really what we’re thinking about?  It seems to me that “home” is about so much more:  it’s about that favourite spot where we love to read books, or play board games with our families, or have warm cups of tea with our partners.  It’s where we share family meals, or share good times with friends, or even spend quiet times alone with our journals.  Home is our favourite coffee mug, or favourite seat, or favourite poster or art hanging on our walls.

Home isn’t just where our heart is.  It’s where our heart thrives.


Day 1 prompt:  Today, I encourage you to reflect on what makes your home feel like home.  Is it the people who live there with you?  Is it your favourite chair?  The coffee mug that is yours and yours alone?  Your awesome bed?  The bathtub where you unwind at the end of the day?  Take your journal and come up with a list of things about your home that you’re grateful for.  Or take your camera (or camera phone) and capture images of your favourite aspects of your home.

And of course, if you’re willing to share your thoughts, I’d love to read them in the comments below!

With that, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, friends.



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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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