10 DIY Gift Wrap Ideas for the Holidays

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Now that the holidays are almost upon us, I’ve started to see a lot of wrapping paper show up in the holiday store displays.  I love the look of all the shiny paper under the tree at Christmas time, but what I’ve really grown to admire is the DIY packaging I come across now and then.

For instance: Did you know it’s easy to make your own wrapping paper with just a photo?  I took one of a few balloons using my Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone.  The vintage look was created by editing the photo using the phone filters.  I printed the photo out as a collage and printed it out onto regular printer paper:


It makes for an easy custom look for a birthday or other celebratory occasion!  The card was made by printing the same photo out onto cardstock:


I also love when gift wrap has been recycled in some way.  It makes me feel like extra special thought was put into the packaging! My mother has always recycled cards….I receive notes in the mail from her that I know were cut from an old piece of stationary.  I love that she took the time to save each piece.  I’d love to spread this idea more and more so that we not only gift well to each other, but gift well to the planet too!

There are more details below in the gallery on making your own wrapping paper!  Share photos of the giftwrap you make by using the hashtag #madepossible to encourage others to DIY their own this year!

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  • Sharpie and Recycled 2 of 12

    This is a gift I made using plain white roll paper.  A few designs were added using a Sharpie pen. Once the gift is wrapped up, I added green and white baker's twine.  The card was made by cutting off a portion of an old Christmas card.  I hope you never throw away another Christmas card now!  Recycle!

  • Printing with Doilies 3 of 12

    Doilies remind me of snowflakes with their unique patterns.  Why not use the pattern to create beautiful designs on paper? Check out this DIY wrapping paper with doilies by Creme de la Craft.

  • Tape it Up 4 of 12

    If you've ever worried about your packaging not holding up, you won't ever again with this idea. Simply decorate plain kraft paper boxes with the wide variety of tape available now! This DIY Holiday Gift Packaging with Tape is by Studio DIY.


  • Scripted 5 of 12

    With a little practice your handwriting can be perfected into beautiful script.  I type out script fonts as a guide to help me with mine.  Check out this DIY Hand Lettered Gift Wrap at the Sweetest Occasion. Photos by madeinthefold for The Sweetest Occasion.


  • Chalkboard Inspired 6 of 12

    Use the FreshPaint App to create a chalkboard inspired wrapping paper. Use the pencil tool for the look above. You can adjust the thickness of your line by tapping the plus or minus sign next to the tool. Then print!

  • Stamps and Fabric 7 of 12

    If you sew, you probably have a large stash of small fabric scraps that you could probably part with!  There are fun ways to spruce up boring pieces too. This DIY Fabric Gift Wrap tutorial is at The Sweetest Occasion. Photos by Lovely Indeed for The Sweetest Occasion.

  • Pom Poms 8 of 12

    Oh reindeer cuteness!  I love the whimsical look of this gift wrap!  This idea to use stamps and pom poms is by The Proper Pinwheel.


  • Painted 9 of 12

    A little paint can go a long way!  You don't even have to have any real artistic ability to embellish wrapping paper.  This idea for DIY Wrapping Paper is at Elisa Blaha.


  • FreshPaint Water Color 10 of 12

    Another DIY print made using the FreshPaint app.  Become an illustrator using the watercolor features of the app and draw away. The best part is you can erase and undo! Print on larger sheets for wrapping paper or cut out each item for gift tags.

  • Doodled 11 of 12

    A little kids dream. Doodle Wrapping Paper for Kids at Little Miss Marmalade.


  • Stamp it Up 12 of 12

    Use simple items from around the house to create interesting stamps for paper!  We've even used cut veggies to create fun designs. DIY Wrapping Paper and Stamping Technique at The Thinking Closet.


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