10 Easy Easter Food Ideas for Kids

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Easter brunch (or lunch) has always been a super easy meal in my family. We typically go to church on Easter Sunday, so when I was younger, my mom always made the Easter meal an easy one. Ham ready-made from the store. A few vegetables. Perhaps a cake. (We’re big on cake). I’ve taken up this tradition of Easter simplicity, and what I’ve found is this is fine for the adults, but for kids, festive food is always preferred. Plus, my son is 92% more likely to eat something that looks celebratory.

So here are a few (easy) ideas about how you can decorate your simple Ham Easter Brunch with assorted bunnies and such…

  • 10 Easy Easter Food Ideas for Kids 1 of 12
    10 Easy Easter Food Ideas for Kids
    Food is always better when it's festive. Don't you think?
  • Start with a Bunny Napkin… 2 of 12
    Start with a Bunny Napkin...
    ...And you can't go wrong.
    Find out how to do it here.
  • Easter Egg Snack Lunch 3 of 12
    Easter Egg Snack Lunch
    This might be the easiest, smartest kids Easter serving idea ever. Do this.
    Find it Here.
  • Bunny Garden Snacks 4 of 12
    Bunny Garden Snacks
    Easy. Vegetables + Hummus = Love.
    Find it Here.
  • Disapproving Egg Rabbit 5 of 12
    Disapproving Egg Rabbit
    It's cute. But it doesn't approve.
    Find it Here.
  • Curried Egg and Prawn Cocktails 6 of 12
    Curried Egg and Prawn Cocktails
    For all the kids who don't use the kids menu. I like you kids.
    Find it Here.
  • Peter Cotton Sandwich 7 of 12
    Peter Cotton Sandwich
    And for my kid. Who only orders off the kids menu.
    Find it Here.
  • Jello Eggs 8 of 12
    Jello Eggs
    For some reason when I hear the term "Jello Eggs", I want to sing that to the tune of "Purple Rain." No one knows why.
    Find it Here.
  • Happy Peep Parfait 9 of 12
    Happy Peep Parfait
    Easy. Pretty. Peeps.
    Find it Here.
  • Eggs in Brownie Nests 10 of 12
    Eggs in Brownie Nests
  • Egg Popsicles 11 of 12
    Egg Popsicles
    Because you can.
    Find it Here.
  • Hanging with My Peeps Smores 12 of 12
    Hanging with My Peeps Smores
    This might be the only way I would actually consume a Peep.
    Find it Here.


And Happy Easter.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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