10 Family Friendly Movies To Rediscover This Summer

What’s summer without copious amounts of screen time? Sure, there might still be warm weather, time off school, and no homework, but summer just doesn’t seem the same without spending most of the time in front of the TV!

These movies are old(er) and you probably haven’t seen them in a while, so they are perfect to re-introduce to you and your family over the summer. Whether you’ve blown through all the movies in the cinema at the moment (how good was Monster’s University?!) and are in need of more ideas, whether you have no more ideas of how to keep your kids entertained while you work from home and you’re just like, “Who cares, let them all watch TV!”, or whether you’re doing a road trip and want to starve off the bored “Are we there yet?” whines, these movies are perfect.

They’ll keep your kids entertained, provide whole-family entertainment during movie night, and you won’t need to sit through a chorus of “We have nothing to watch!”

Check it out!


  • The Parent Trap (1998) 1 of 10
    parent trap2

    If there is one word I could use to describe this movie, it'd be "perfection". Completely honestly, this movie is fabulous. It's the epitome of childhood innocence: twin girls separated at birth meet at summer camp in a weird, wacky, fate type of way. They're all like, "Omg, like no joke, we look exactly the same." A series of events leads them to the conclusion that they're twins, and they concoct a plan in order to reunite their parents and live happily ever after. It's funny, it's cute, and it's awesome. Both you and your kids will love it, and if that's not enough to persuade you, you get to time-travel back to a time where Lindsay Lohan was adorable, and sassy, and not landing in rehab and jail every five seconds.

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  • Freaky Friday (2003) 2 of 10
    freaky friday

    A strait-laced mother and her rambunctious teenage daughter, thanks to the work of a weird semi-magical fortune cookie, swap bodies (it's not as creepy as it sounds, promise) and lives. From experiencing each other's lives, they get a new understanding of each other.

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  • The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003) 3 of 10

    A movie that's all about friendship, family, and finding your true self. Throw in a bit of singing, a cute Italian guy (well, he was cute when I was 8, okay?), and some picturesque shots of Italy (part of the movie actually was filmed here, none of that "film in LA while we pretend we're overseas" stuff for Lizzie) and what do you have? A movie you and your family should totally watch...right now. Plus, the music is super catchy, it's funny, and worse case scenario, you can just make fun of Mrs. McGuire's hair.

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  • Cheaper By The Dozen (2003) 4 of 10
    cheaper by the doz

    The chances are you've probably seen this movie — if you have, it's time to re-watch it, and if you haven't, go watch it! A man and his wife have twelve kids, one dog, one frog and a whole lot of chaos. This movie is hilarious, heartwarming, and you'll totally either be glad you don't have twelve kids, want to have twelve kids, or want to move in. It has a great message of "family comes first" and it portrays the truth: families aren't perfect, but they can still be awesome.

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  • The Tigger Movie (2000) 5 of 10
    the tigger movie

    A super adorable movie about how you don't necessarily need a biological family to feel loved; sometimes, friends are family, too.  Join Tigger on his search for his "real" family, only to realize that while he may be one-of-a-kind, he still has a family in his friends. It's a great movie!

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  • E.T. (1982) 6 of 10

    This movie may make you shed a tear, just by how amazingly sweet it is. A little boy (Elliott) in need of companionship befriends someone who needs a friend the most: an extra-terrestrial stranded on Earth. Elliott must keeps him hidden from his mother, and, subsequently, the people who want to study him within the government. After a series of events, Elliott and his siblings help E.T. get back to his planet, in a frantic race against time and the government workers who want to capture E.T.

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  • The Sound of Music (1965) 7 of 10
    sound of music

    One of the things that makes this movie so special is that it has more than one dimension. While on the first dimension, it can be viewed as a singing nun/nanny who creates clothes out of curtains and looks after a whole bunch of kids, it's so much more than that. It has a World War 2 setting and intertwines historical significance with a family-friendly story.

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  • Mary Poppins (1964) 8 of 10
    mary poppins

    If your family hasn't seen this movie, they need to! It's the quintessential family movie, which, like The Sound of Music, also has historical significance. Set on the backdrop of first wave feminism, mischievous twins Jane and Michael have scared off all their previous nannies with their slightly bratty attitudes and pranks. Along comes "practically perfect" Mary Poppins, with her magical carpetbag and "no nonsense" (except when it comes to dancing penguins and enchanted carousels, that is) policy. It's a movie full of heart, fun, and catchy music.

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  • Pollyanna (1960) 9 of 10

    Anyone up for a round of the "glad game"?

    Pollyanna, a small girl with a big heart, moves in with her strict and cold-hearted Aunt Polly and touches the lives of everyone in the town. Pollyanna institutes the "glad game" wherever she goes; finding the best in even the worst situation, even if that situation is "getting a pair of crutches, when I wanted a doll". This gorgeous movie will have you laughing, crying, and vowing to make the best of every situation from now on. 

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  • Little Secrets (2001) 10 of 10
    little secrets

    Where do you go when you have a secret and you just have to tell someone in order to get it off your conscience? To the secret keeper, of course! For just fifty cents, Emily Lindstrom will keep your secret. Whether you broke your sister's necklace or your family's valuable chess piece, Emily won't let it slip. What happens, however, when you have so many secrets that your life becomes consumed by them? 

    This movie is a gorgeous story of neighborhood friendship and the importance of honesty, and the whole family will love it.

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