10 Fashion Trends I Wish Would Go Away: West Coast

Thank goodness trends come and go because we all have trends that we really wish would just stay away forever. Here is a round-up of 10 trends I could do without, some I’ve never been on board with, and some that have just worn out their welcome. 

  • Trends I Wish Would Go Away 1 of 11

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  • Wedge Sneakers 2 of 11

    I like to keep my wedges and sneakers separate, thank you very much.

    Sneaker Wedge $46.90

  • Shredded Tees 3 of 11

    Not a big fan of the "shredded" look. Too much dangling!

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  • Chevron 4 of 11

    Unlike stripes and polka dots, chevron print wore out its welcome fast and doesn't have the classic lasting power that the other two prints have.

    Chevron Dress $39.00

  • The Jegging 5 of 11

    As much as I love jegging's cousin, the legging, I was never able to jump on board with this trend. Fake stretchy jeans just never seemed like a good idea in my book.

    Jeggings $7.96

  • Crop Tops 6 of 11

    Cropped tops. I guess I really just don't see the point. Too impractical for my taste!

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  • Gladiators 7 of 11

    Sure, I like a simple gladiator sandal, but these babies need to go back to the Roman Empire where they belong.

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  • Peplum 8 of 11

    Peplum and pregnancy aren't really a good pair, so for now I'd be okay if this trend went away.

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  • Sheer Maxi 9 of 11
    sheer maxi

    I guess this trend is okay for the beach or Disney princesses, but let's just do ourselves a favor and put these skirts in the past?

    Sheer Maxi Skirt $19.90

  • Neon Accessories 10 of 11

    Dear neon accessories, can we take a little break? It's not you, it's me.

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  • Leopard Heels 11 of 11

    Leopard heels.... A beautiful print that can be used better in my opinion. It's always such a fine line with animal prints!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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