10 Gift Ideas for the Running Mom (or Dad)

If you’re not a runner, you might think that running doesn’t require a lot of gear. But there are so many items that can make that morning run not just more comfortable, but also more fun. The perfect shorts, the right shoes, and a well-fitting sports bra are crucial and not something that anyone can pick out.

Here is a list of some things that I love plus a few things I really want this Christmas. Note that there are no shoes here because runners are very particular about their shoes. If your special someone needs them, a gift card to a running store is also a great gift.

  • Pink Tie-Dye Race Legs – $12 1 of 10

    I didn't get the purpose of running socks (why not wear pants?) until I wore them. They feel really good. These socks are from Southern California company, Sparkle Athletic, and just one of the fun products you can find including sparkle race skirts, hats, and sleeves.

  • Fitbit Force – $129 2 of 10

    Not only does this cute little bracelet estimate how many calories you burn in a day and how many steps you take, the Fitbit Force also tracks how much you sleep. I already track my runs, but am so curious about how many steps I take in a day and how many calories I'm burning when I'm not running. It's on the top of my list this year and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. It's on backorder with the company, but I would wait for this one. Or, many other stores have deals on it.

  • Personal Trainer – Price Varies 3 of 10

    My dream gift is to have a personal trainer for a month. Last year, I worked with Fitness Expert Holly Perkins and we mostly worked together by email or over the phone. This year, I'd like one that I can work with once a week to get me in shape. 


    (Photo by Yvonne Condes

  • BOB Revolution SE Duallie Plus Stroller Bundle – $599 4 of 10

    A jogging stroller is a must for any running mom or dad. My boys spent many afternoons on the streets of Los Angeles in a Bob Duallie. They have great tires, a strap so you don't lose the stroller on a hill (or fall), and plenty of pockets and drink holders. It's a pricey purchase, but you can get them used (I traded my single jog stroller for a double plus $50 when I had my second son).

  • Spinner Half Zip from Athleta – $69 5 of 10

    I'm in love with this top and hope it ends up in my stocking. This top from Athleta is for indoors or outdoors and looks great for running. No hood and the zipper doesn't come up too high (one of my pet peeves).

  • Amphipod ZipPod Stretch Shoe Pocket – $10 6 of 10

    Nothing will stop me from running, not even a touch of asthma. So when I go running I keep this Amphipod ZipPod Stretch Shoe Pocket on my shoe with my asthma inhaler inside and a couple of dollars (to buy a post-run coffee, of course). 


    (Photo by Yvonne Condes

  • Single-Serve Coffee Maker – $119 7 of 10

    I was one of the 15,000 families that Keurig sent out their single serve coffee machines to. I was skeptical at first because it seemed like a lot of waste to use the single-serve pods and we already have a coffee maker. After I bought a reusable filter for the Keurig, I fell in love. Now I can have a warm cup of coffee before I go running and another fresh cup after I get home. It's super handy!

  • Run Happy Wanganui Fleece Hat – $20 8 of 10

    It's cold out there (even here in Los Angeles) so a hat can really help keep you warm on those morning runs. And who doesn't want to Run Happy?

  • Race Entry – From $50 to $200 9 of 10

    I would do a race every weekend if not for the cost. Some marathon and half marathon race entries can be as much as $175! So when I do a race it has to be special. An amazing gift for a runner would be a race entry. Make sure they want to do it and you're not trying to get your spouse, girlfriend or significant other to get in shape by buying a race. You want to have a happy holiday.


    (Photo by Yvonne Condes

  • Running Shirt or Jacket – $70 10 of 10

    If you want to feel good, it doesn't hurt if you also look good. This awesome (and warm) running shirt from Nike (or any spiffy running jacket) is a great gift. And he/she will likely where for many years to come.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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