10 Gorgeous Rugs No One Will Guess Cost Less Than $200

I once thought the biggest party my son and I had was dancing underneath our seatbelts while Katy Perry’s “Firework” blares out of the dashboard on our way to school drop-off. But according to my new-ish neighbors, the blow-out bash of the year happens every time I hang clothes in my closet or my keys fall out of my purse in my apartment. There has been a flurry of crazy complaints, reviews of bylaws, persistent knocking and other un-neighborly business afoot. (No, really, all that anger is downstairs.)

So it’s time to go from quiet to silent. Or at least lay down some more floor coverings that are a bit more official and sound-absorbing than what I have. I got adult enough with my decor decisions to research every element I needed to know about buying my first real area rugs. 

I had the inspiration (thanks, neighbors!) and the knowledge (merci to the experts!). The only thing left was the budget (umm…). Fortunately, I am a believer that you can spend less and (get ready for my Nina Garthhhia comment here) still find expensive looks.

Here’s how:

First, be true to your budget. Don’t even look at the rugs that fall outside the range you can afford.

Second, remember size matters. Bigger rugs are spendier. If you’re in love with a design or fiber, size down until the rug fits both your room and your budget. You may need to create a tighter seating arrangement or rotate the rug so a smaller covering works better in the space.

Third, don’t give up until you find a rug you love. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to bring home a covering that feels sumptuous and looks lovely, but you may have to look through more patterns, fibers and shapes until you are smitten. Don’t settle! But don’t slack off either.

Here are 10 rugs that no one will suspect cost less than $200 and will be be right at home in your space and bank account. 

Now how much do you think the magic carpet costs that flies finicky neighbors far, far away?

  • Mum’s Your Word 1 of 10
    Mum's Your Word
    Called "Chrysanthemum Wrought Iron" by Martha Stewart Living, this wool floor covering will be a beautiful complement to your prized British china.
    Available here. $137
  • Playful for Baby 2 of 10
    Playful for Baby
    Bail on pink, blue and even celery green for the baby's room. This 100% wool rug in an oval shape, adds a playful jacks element to a vintage-inspired nursery that soothes with chocolate browns, golds and unexpected coffee hues.
    Available here. $132
  • Unroll, Then Rock 3 of 10
    Unroll, Then Rock
    Your soaking tub is your sacred space. Keep the Zen vibe going with this pebble rug that takes the chill out of re-entering your routine.
    Available here. $197
  • Gilded Lady 4 of 10
    Gilded Lady
    That lovely lacquer table you picked up at an estate sale for your foyer could use a little company? Let it snuggle up with this inky floral beauty dusted with blue and gold. (Made in Turkey but you'd never guess it by the price tag.)
    Available here. $197
  • Creamy Swirl 5 of 10
    Creamy Swirl
    You admitted with the first baby's first projectile moment that light-colored carpet would never again be a possibility. Now as soon as you convince all the kids that organic grape juice boxes have been discontinued forever and ever, you can buy a rug with cream accents, like this one to put under the sideboard that holds a television that'll probably not play one of your shows for at least four more years.
    Available here. $199
  • Multi Coverings + Colors 6 of 10
    Multi Coverings + Colors
    This set of not-Punky Brewster rainbow rugs can pull together different areas of a great room or be layered trend for the boho-chic right in your living room.
    Available here. $199
  • Burgandy Blooms 7 of 10
    Burgandy Blooms
    Like a sketch of retro wallpaper, but redoubled in size and at your feet, this covering could take your guest room from granny decor to to blooms that are just bold enough.
    Available here. $197
  • Keep It Natural 8 of 10
    Keep It Natural
    Natural fiber is designed for durability. The octagon shaped sisal weave pulls together the casual look, ideal to throw under a table in the breakfast nook, in the laundry room or in the spot where you all drop your keys and bags at the end of the day.
    Available here. $152
  • Rustic Warmth 9 of 10
    Rustic Warmth
    Cover up worn, stained floors with a warm, cozy French country-inspired rug that will make the entire second level seem rustic rather than look (or frankly, smell) like a barn.
    Available here. $159.97
  • Stick to Tradition 10 of 10
    Stick to Tradition
    Your furniture may be mod but your floor covering's got to be classic. With intricate weaving in gold and deep reds, this rug is constructed to be long-lasting. It may even be there when the mod kick is over.
    Available here. $197

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