10 Great Gift Ideas Your Tween Will Love

Much like teenagers, tweens are caught somewhere in-between two worlds: being a kid and being a little more “grown up.” Dealing with tweens means navigating both ends of the age spectrum (often at the same time), which can make life in general, challenging. When it comes to something as seemingly simple as gift-giving, our tween-agers can make for a difficult purchase.

According to the adolescents under my roof, you’re usually safe with the 3 G’s: gadgets, games, or gift cards. Check out our top 10 “G” gifts for the tweens in your life (as compiled by me and my daughters — ages 10 and 15).


  • Nintendo Wii U 1 of 10
    I cannot wait to get a Nintendo Wii U for my tweens. Our family has enjoyed more family time on our Wii than I could ever put a price on, so I am sure the Wii U will be even more awesome! I guess that means it's one of those gifts you buy for your tweens but in fact, you know it's going to be a gift that the whole family will enjoy. It may sound trite, but it really is true.
    Get it from Nintendo, $299.99
  • Video Games 2 of 10
    Our top picks? Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two and Scribblenauts Unlimited. The key with these games is that they both have the option for more than one player. This means if you want to connect with your tween, you've got to beat them at their own game (or at least challenge them to a game night). After all, the easiest way to get involved in your tween's life is to meet them where they already go. Hence the video games. And both Epic Mickey and Scribblenauts are all about creativity and being the master of your gaming world domain. Kids love that! Heck, I love that!
    Get Epic Mickey 2 from the Disney Store, $49.99, and Scribblenauts from Amazon, $62.90
  • Skull Candy Gaming Headphones 3 of 10
    Although I'm an advocate for gaming with the kids whenever possible, I'm not an all-or-nothing kind of mom. Sometimes letting the kids game-it alone is a great way to keep them engaged. The plus of these Skull Candy headphones is the peace and quiet it affords the rest of the family during all that solo gaming action. Yessss!
    Get them from Skull Candy, $79.95
  • Nintendo 3DS XL 4 of 10
    The XL version of the 3DS means a bigger, more engaging 3D experience with no glasses necessary! The new XL also boasts an extended battery life and an included 4 GD SD card. What's not to love?
    Get it from Target, $199.99
  • Kindle Fire Tablet 5 of 10
    I have no problem giving my tween a tablet that not only works with apps and the Internet, but also allows them to read books and magazines, too. Sign me up.
    Get it from Amazon, $159
  • Product (RED) iPod Touch 6 of 10
    The iPod touch is all the rage with the tweens. It's like having all the perks of the iPhone without the phone (and without the monthly line charge on your mobile bill). When you purchase the Product (RED) option, a percentage of the purchase benefits the RED campaign, which is a fantastic charitable bonus for any globally-minded tween.
    Get it from Apple, $299
  • Kidzsafe Earbuds 7 of 10
    Like many small accessories, earbuds are hard to keep track of. No matter how many we have, we can't seem to find them when we need them. If you are going to purchase one more set, you might as well have the peace of mind that they're safe for your tween's hearing. These Kidzsafe earbuds have what they call a safe volume technology, and they come in super-cool colors. It's a win-win.
    Get them from KonoAudio, $19.95
  • Movie Tickets 8 of 10
    Kids at the tween age are really wanting to test out their independence. By giving them movie tickets, it sends them the message that they're old enough to make their own movie choices and go with friends. Of course, that's not to say you're not "helping" them decide and maybe even going into the theater with them, but by giving them their own tickets, you're giving them the feeling of a little freedom and that can go a long way!
    Get them from Fandango
  • Yummy Gift Cards 9 of 10
    I spend more money on smoothies, frozen yogurt , and ice cream than I care to admit. If I am going to spend the money, I might as well just get it in gift cards. Since tweens LOVE to exhibit grown-up behavior and gift cards are the closest thing to ATM cards, it helps foster that grown-up feeling. You could buy a cool wallet or card holder as a way to present the cards with a little more pizazz.
    Buy a $25 Jamba Juice gift card and get a free smoothie
  • Energizer Portable Multi-port Power Charger 10 of 10
    Your tween might not realize this portable power charger is what they want, but believe you me, they will be thanking you when their favorite handheld device dies in the middle of something important and there's no outlet in site! This might be the best gift you could ever give them, or perhaps better said, you (notice the "multi" in the title).
    Get it from Amazon, $75.99


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