10 Great Gifts for the Photographers in Your Life

Everyone’s a photographer these days. From DSLRs to iPhones to vintage Polaroid cameras, we are documenting our lives like never before. In this genre of the photographer, why not use it to your advantage? It could make your holiday shopping a whole lot easier. But before you go out and purchase all the obvious stuff, check out this list of cool photo gifts and gadgets that any and every shutterbug would love to see under the tree.

  • For the stylish shutter bug 1 of 10
    For the stylish shutter bug
    So many camera bags are so…ugly. Or at least, they used to be. Enter Ephiphanie Bags, the most stylish camera bags out there. Girls (and now guys) can rock an awesome bag that's made specifically to keep cameras (and everything else) safe without giving up a smidge of style.
    Get this bag from Ephiphanie by Maile Wilson, $164.99
  • For the iPhoneographer 2 of 10
    For the iPhoneographer
    The mobile photography movement is gaining momentum. And with camera phones getting better and better, this form of photography is legit! Give the iPhoneographer in your life a way to really shoot outside the frame with the awesome Ollo Clip, which features 3 lenses in one adorable little gadget. Yes...lenses for your iPhone. What will they think of next?
    Get it from Ollo Clip, $69.99
  • For the old school shooter 3 of 10
    For the old school shooter
    Vintage never dies. And thankfully, there are a number of people that wouldn't let polaroid shooting go away for good. Whew! If you know a nostalgia-loving polaroid shooter (which is a lot of work and quite pricey), then you owe it to them to give them the Scan Adapter from The Impossible Project. This awesome gadget will let them scan in their small works of art and share them digitally. It's the best of both worlds.
    Get it from The Impossible Project, $39.99
  • For the versitile photographer 4 of 10
    For the versitile photographer
    Although photo gear has a reputation for being big and cumbersome, things are changing! Give the photo-McIver in your life everything they need to be light on their feet while lighting up a room in the name of photography, without a big, heavy, external flash. This amazing little Light Scoop Deluxe works with a DSLR's on-camera flash and is so convenient and affordable, it's a life-saver. Or I should say, light-saver?
    Get it from Light Scoop, $36.95
  • For the individualist 5 of 10
    For the individualist
    There's not much about your camera that you can design or "decorate" to fit your own unique style except for the strap. Although most photographers stick with the strap that comes with the camera, sporting a unique, eye-catching strap can help any photographer make their statement. Enter Phat Straps, the camera strap company that's got a wide variety of styles for the photographer that wants to shoot apart from the crowd.
    Get it from Phat Straps, starting at $28.95
  • For the landscape photographer 6 of 10
    For the landscape photographer
    Nothing beats the beauty and grandeur of the great outdoors but not all seasons are as kind as others. Give the Ansel Adams in your life a photo-fighting chance in the chill of winter with Etre Touchy Gloves. They're fingerless so you still have your trigger finger free when the moment arises.
    Get them from Etre, $63.52
  • For the cool gear guy or gal 7 of 10
    For the cool gear guy or gal
    It's not easy to surprise the shutter bug in your life with camera gear. You might not know what they really want or need, and since it's such a personalized hobby (every photographer's taste are totally unique), you'll need to get really creative. Enter Lensbaby: the coolest, most "out of the box" lenses you'll ever find. All you need to know is whether your photographer shoots Nikon or Canon and you can order what will be their favorite gift of the season!
    Get them from Lensbaby, starting at $50
  • For the mom that never puts her camera down 8 of 10
    For the mom that never puts her camera down
    The pictures moms take every day are important. Give that photo-lovin' mama a copy of Elevate the Everyday: A Photographic Guide to Picturing Motherhood. It's guaranteed to encourage and inspire her — and convince her that you value her passion for photography, which gives you bonus points. If nothing else, she'll put her camera down just long enough to read the book and get some ideas.
    Disclaimer: I am the author of this book and I approve this message.
    Get it from Amazon, $15.79
  • For the grandparents that love pictures 9 of 10
    For the grandparents that love pictures
    Grandparents these days are way cooler than they used to be. Almost every grandparent I know carries around an iPhone AND knows how to use the camera like crazy. But, how do they get the images off the camera and into the frames on the mantel? I think this Compact iPhone Photo Cube Printer from Sharper Image will do the trick. Right after they wrap up their day with the grandkids, they can plug in their phones and print out their photos stat!
    Get it from Sharper Image, $159.99
  • For the family historian 10 of 10
    For the family historian
    Keeping track of all the accumulating digital photos and videos of our everyday family life is a lot of work. Gather all of the boxes stuffed full of gazillions of pictures from the past, and you've got a full-time job trying to organize them. Give your family historian a hand this holiday season and buy them a subscription to Peggy Bank. They can get all those old photos digitized and ready for lots of long family slideshows (not to mention sharing them on Facebook). Awesome.
    Get an estimate from Peggy Bank

Have you found anything photolicious that should be on this list? I’d love to know, so please do share.


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