10 Great Mother’s Day Gifts for a Mom that Has Everything

Each Mother’s Day, I’m faced with the same dilemma: “What to get my mom for a Mother’s Day gift?” Because, she pretty much has everything. And even though she has everything, I still want to get her a little something as another way to show my appreciation for all that she has done for me and my family. She has loved us unconditionally and sacrificed unselfishly. And this is why I am glad that Mother’s Day gives us one more opportunity to show just how thankful we are.

So here are a few gift ideas that we have used over the years for the mom that has everything.  Check them out and then leave a few more ideas in the comments below.  Because, God willing, I will have many many more years of Mother’s Day gifts to purchase.

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  • A Trip to The Spa 2 of 11
    A Trip to The Spa
    Although my mom has just about everything, I don't recall her ever taking the time to go a spa.  She is so busy helping everyone else, she does not take the time to pamper herself.  Checkout the local spas in her area and treat your mom to day at the spa.  Photo Credit: Lev Dolgatsjov
  • Handmade Gifts from the Grand-Kids 3 of 11
    Handmade Gifts from the Grand-Kids
    One year, all of my mom's grandkids sent her handmade cards. My sister and I did not even coordinate it. But, her kids and my kids all made my mom cards.  She told us it was the best gift she had ever received. Call all of your siblings and coordinate giving your mom handmade gifts from the kids.  It could be poems, cards, or photo books. Photo Credit:  Elin B
  • Tickets to a Play 4 of 11
    Tickets to a Play
    This is another activity that my mom rarely indulges in...but I know she loves.  I purchased my mom tickets to see the play, The Color Purple, one year.  She and my dad got dressed up, had dinner, and saw the play.  They really enjoyed it. Photo Credit:  Victor Martinez 
  • Plane Tickets 5 of 11
    Plane Tickets
    My mother in-law has grandkids residing all across the East Coast.  So one year we gave her a gift certificate from an airline.  So that she could take a trip to see her grandkids at her leisure. Photo Credit: UBE
  • A Tablet 6 of 11
    A Tablet
    My mother in-law and my mother both asked for a tablet recently.  I know both of them will be sitting in their beds playing solitaire all night!! Photo Credit: Christine Langer-Pueschel
  • A Surprise Visit 7 of 11
    A Surprise Visit
    The best gift that you could possibly give your mom this year is you....especially if you don't live close to her. Photo Credit: Monkey Business Images
  • A Beautiful Scarf from the fasionABLE scarf Collection 8 of 11
    A Beautiful Scarf from the fasionABLE scarf Collection
    Your mom may have everything, but chances are, she does not have a fashionABLE Scarf.  She will love the scarf and she will love the fact that the purchase of the scarf goes towards creating sustainable businesses in Africa. Creating the scarves not only provides jobs to women who have been exploited by the effects of poverty, but the profits from the sales are sent back to Africa to benefit the women.  I was given one of these scarves from the One Moms team…and it has become a staple in my wardrobe this fall/winter season. Trust me, any woman in your life would love to have one and would wear it proudly knowing what it represents. Photo Credit: Image of  Scarf from
  • A Unique Gift from Macy’s Heart of Haiti Collection 9 of 11
    A Unique Gift from Macy's Heart of Haiti Collection
    Give your mom one of the most beautifully made pieces (jewelry, frames, bowls, art and more…) from Macy's Heart of Haiti collection.  Your purchase of one of these handcrafted masterpieces will directly benefit the Haitian artist by enabling them to repair their homes, pay for schools and support their families.  Photo Credit: Jewelry Hanger from Macy's Heart of Haiti Collection
  • Tickets to an Old School Concert 10 of 11
    Tickets to an Old School Concert
    Let your mom flashback as she sees her favorite bands from her youth. Photo Credit: dbking
  • A Class 11 of 11
    A Class
    Whether it's a dance class, cooking class, or computer class, your mom will love the opportunity to learn something new.  Photo Credit: auremar


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