11 Halloween Confessions From Very Tricky Moms (Apologies, Kids)

Every year, I stock up on bags of Halloween candy well before the holiday. I hide them from the kids. And then, in the weeks leading up to the big day, I inevitably open them and pilfer candy. One piece from this bag, another from that and oh, just one more. When Halloween rolls around, I pour the candy into bowls to dole out at the door—not so much because I’m a fab Halloween hostess but because I don’t want the kids to see the half-empty bags. Halloween may be all about trick or treat for kids, but as it turns out nobody has more tricks than moms. Check out 11 other tricky, sometimes wicked, Halloween confessions.

  • Trick or puke! 1 of 11

    "One year, my then three-year-old wasn't feeling so great on Halloween. We didn't want Annie to miss out, though, so we proceeded with trick-or-treating even though she would have been thrilled to go home and crawl into bed. Things were fine with the first few doors we knocked on, but when we got to the eleventh and the person answered the door, Annie said 'Trick or treat!' and threw up right into her candy bag. The worst part is that my husband dumped all of her candy into a collander and tried to wash it off."—Wendy R.


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  • Total costume fakeout 2 of 11

    "We bought my two-year-old a costume this year thinking it was a dog—she loves cats and dogs, and she's already worn it three times! Upon closer inspection, we've realized its a bear costume. Whoops. We're not telling her."—Cindy H.


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  • Carved pumpkin cheat: Introducing Mr Potato Pumpkin Head 3 of 11

    Yet another trick from me (in case you weren't sufficiently horrified that I steal candy from my kids). Here's how carving went at our house this year: I placed a pumpkin on the table. I pulled out a Mr Potato Head. I suggested that the kids use his parts to decorate. And, voila! They thought it was funny. I escaped slime central. Halloween WIN. 

  • Bargain treats? Bring it! 4 of 11

    "Although I am fully aware that few kids are dying to get pretzels as Halloween treats, the economy size jar from Costco with little bags of them is a deal. I get it every year."—Judy E.


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  • The old costume switcheroo 5 of 11

    "I thought I had a genius idea—I was going to try and pass off my daughter's lengha (an Indian outfit that she wears to weddings and receptions) as a princess Jasmine costume. I told my coworker, and it turns they look almost nothing alike—Princess Jasmine has a blue crop top and balloon pants, this is a hot pink sparkly skirt and shirt. Now we're borrowing one from a friend."—Anchel K.


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  • More candy for parents: wheeee! 6 of 11

    "My son has Sensory Processing Disorder. He doesn't eat candy, ever, but he likes trick or treating. I admit to encouraging it, because this means candy for me!"—Karin K.


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  • Homemade costume from hell 7 of 11

    "Our homemade costumes last year were trains made out of cardboard boxes. Our daughter's turned out great. Our son's was so front heavy—even after we tried to fix it—that he basically couldn't stand up straight. Fail."—Ali M.


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  • Minnie mom dis! 8 of 11

    "I was Minnie Mouse for work last year and my son told me, 'Mom, you can never be Minnie Mouse because you aren't magic.'"—Tia C.


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  • Hoarders (Halloween candy edition) 9 of 11

    "We teach our kids to look for the 'square orange candy' when they get to pick from a bowl of candy because we want to have more Reese's Cups to eat later."—Shell J. 


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  • Lazy Costumes ‘R Us 10 of 11

    "I feel lucky that I have a kid too little to know that I put about maybe two minutes of effort into the costume I made for him. And it involved some really old bed sheet."—Paola D. 


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  • A trick-or-treat tax 11 of 11

    "We don't pilfer candy so much as call it a straight up 'parent tax.' As in, I took you out on this crazy night and made your kickin' costume and I'm ready for some Nerds!"—Shannon L.


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