10 Halloween Hoaxes

If your childhood was anything like mine, you were raised hearing Halloween tales of razor blades in apples, poisoned candy and Zombie Koalas? huh? Since I have never quite recovered from my moms insistence on carefully inspecting all candy on the brightly lit kitchen table before I could eat one single Laffy Taffy, I’ve made it my personal mission to expose all the scary Halloween stories as hoaxes. What Halloween stories made your spine tingle as a child? Chances are it’s one of these 10 and chances are it never happened.

  • Razor Blades Hidden in Apples 1 of 10
    Possibly concocted by candy-enthusiasts looking to end the "apple as Halloween treat trend" the razor blade in apple story is completely fiction.
    Image via Hey Mothers Let's Be Sisters .
  • Blue Star Tattoo 2 of 10
    In the days before Facebook shares, I remember this paper flyer floating around my hometown, alas there were never tattoos laced with LSD.
    Image spotted at Fact Fixx.
  • Zombie Koala 3 of 10
    This scary looking image of a wet koala with nasty-looking fangs went viral on Facebook earlier this month, raising speculation that irradiated eucalyptus had spawned a horde of undead koalas. No, just some good Photoshop skills.
    Image via Huffington Post.
  • Poisoned Candy 4 of 10
    This one is for you mom. Halloween candy has never been poisoned, except for that dad that tried to poison his own son. Nice.
    Image via List Verse.
  • Sacrificing Cats 5 of 10
    Don't worry there is no record of black cat mutilation on Halloween.
    Image via Strange History.
  • The Devil’s Day 6 of 10
    Halloween originated as a positive Celtic holiday to celebrate the harvest. It later earned it's devilish reputation from Christian fundamentalists.
    Image via The Nest.
  • Kidney Heist 7 of 10
    Supposedly you can get drugged and your kidney can be snatched. You will then wake up in a bathtub of ice. Good news, no kidney snatching here.
    Image via List Verse.
  • When Child Molesters Attack 8 of 10
    You can feel a little more at ease knowing there has never been a spike in child molestation cases on Halloween. Some states even require sex offenders to put a sign on their door like this.
    Image via Reason.
  • Initiation Day 9 of 10
    Supposedly Halloween is the top initiation day for gangs, however, no evidence has shown that it is a major day for such events.
    Image via Tumblr.
  • Raffles Place Ghost 10 of 10
    After frightening many, many people it was revealed this was all part of an ad campaign for a recruiting firm warning against the dangers of working late in office buildings..
    Check out the ghost sighting at Youtube.

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