10 Hip Kid’s Rooms I Wish I Lived In

Recently I spent a whole lot of time and energy putting together a fun room for my little man Radcliff. I really like his room, but then, as I roam the Internet and whatnot, I see other rooms and I think, “WAIT!!! I WISH I HAD DONE THAT!”

But what I think it’s really all about is ME. Yeah, me. (Always.) It’s not that I wish Rad’s room were different, it’s that I wish I got to live in a kid’s room. Especially becasue the kid’s rooms that I’ve been seeing lately are way hipper than any room I’ve ever lived in!

I love the whimsy of children’s decor, if I had things my way my whole house would look like a Dr. Seuss book mated with a Harajuku girl and exploded. I just don’t have the funds, the energy, or a husband who will support me in the endeavor.

So what I’m saying is, here are 10 Hip Kid’s Rooms I Wish I Lived In, because they are so cool, fun and gorgeous.

  • Golden Wall Paper 1 of 10

    I ADORE the gold bee's fluttering around on these walls.

    See more at The Beetle Shack

  • A Room or a Store? 2 of 10

    I seriously cannot tell if this is a child's bedroom or a child's clothing store! But either way I love the way the clothes are displayed on branch and how the shoes are used as decor.

    Via Road Trip In Finland

  • The Perfectly Curated Child 3 of 10

    Every toy, every print, every knick knack, EVERY last detail in this room is beautiful and well designed. This room is perfectly curated and styled. I'm just not that perfect, but I wouldn't mind sleeping in that bed!

    YOU MUST see the whole room! Via Aprill Aprill

  • You can never have too many pom poms 4 of 10

    The hanging banner, the pom pom pillows, the pops of yellow- I adore this room. It doesn't take itself too seriously, and yet it would probably please the most serious of design snobs.

    Via The Design Files

  • Go for pink! 5 of 10

    OK, technically I'm not sure if this is a kid's room. But I love the color on color aspect of those shelves with the wall. This would be fun in a kitchen too I think. Then again, why is it that people feel like they can get zany in the kitchen?

    Via 101 Woonideeen

  • Anything but Mellow Yellow 6 of 10

    I love pops of color with black and white, epscially when that color is yellow. This kid's room is too fun, but the whole house is pretty much to die for.

    Check it out at SF Girl by Bay

  • A Wild Time 7 of 10

    HA! I tricked you! This is my little Rad's room. But seriously, it's my favorite room in the house and I kind of wish I lived in it. Mostly because there's so much to look at! Rad seems to like it too.

    Via The Alison Show

  • Some Bunny I Love 8 of 10

    There is perfection at every turn in this nursery. It is so serene and playful! I adore the paper bunny heads, they are so worth checking out!

    Via Chloe Fleury

  • A Chalkboard Wall 9 of 10

    I love the chalkboard wall, the curtains, and the dog that I know for a fact is real (because I have met her) but looks stuffed. Meta's whole house is to die for, but her kid's rooms are the cherry on top. 

    See more at One More Mushroom 

  • Inspired by National Geographic 10 of 10

    I saved the best for last! I adore this kid's play room with all my heart! It is sophisticated, creative and yet most importantly FUN.

    Via Boo and the Boy

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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