10 Hip Ways to Style Overalls to Avoid Looking Like a Toddler

Like it or not, overalls are totally a fall trend. Again. Haha, this trend cycles through from time to time, I’ve hopped on board once or twice. Once in fourth grade and once in college.

But even though I’m a total advocate of wearing your bliss and not worrying about anything else, overalls really do look best on thin girls with little to no chest.

Considering my current nursing chest looks like it ate one of these models for a snack…I’ll be steering clear of the trend. But if you’re looking to wear overalls without looking like a toddler, here are some tips for how to style them!

  • How to style overalls! 1 of 11

    Here are 10 tips to keep you looking like the sexy mama you are. 

  • 1. Cuff the hem 2 of 11

    If you opt for longer overalls look for a tapered leg and cuff the hem. 

    Overalls via Free People 

  • 2. Add edgy and bold details 3 of 11

    Killer sunglasses and red shoes make these girly overalls seem less sweet. Plus here's another reason to get that tattoo you've been wanting. 

    Picture via A Beautiful Mess

  • 3. Layer a killer jacket or cardigan over them 4 of 11

    Don't just think about what goes under the overalls, think about what goes over them too! 

    Image via Shopbop

  • 4. Pair non-traditional necklines 5 of 11

    You don't have to wear a t-shirt, think about pairing your overalls with a turtle neck, button up, or a lace collar. 

    Image via Miishka

  • 5. Add a sophisticated hat 6 of 11

    Go big or go home! Add one of those sexy hats you can find just about anywhere. 

    Image via Free People

  • 6. Don’t stop at denim 7 of 11

    Leather can really add sophistication to just about anything!

    Image via Scent of Obsession 

  • 7. Pick a perfect necklace 8 of 11

    A big statement necklace really helps take this outfit out of toddlerdom. 

    Image via Scent of Obsession

  • 8. Go for a heel 9 of 11

    You wear overalls to be comfortable, right? WRONG! You wear them to look cool, so add a heel to help yourself out. 

    Image via Ascot Friday

  • 9. Bold lips 10 of 11

    A lot of style sites say, "Add a crop top!" to your overalls, but if you're a mom, I think that's kind of absurd. Then again, maybe you can rock it?! I certainly can't. A much more practical suggestions in my opinion? Pair your overalls with a sexy bold lip. This model is doing both, and doing both well. 

    Overalls via Forever 21

  • 10. Oodles of confidence 11 of 11

     Check out my 10 pairs of sunglasses that will make you fell 10 lbs thinner The #1 thing that will make any strong trend work is tons of confidence. If you're wearing something you feel adorable in, you'll look 10 times more adorable. When I add a big smile and some huge sunglasses and I've found there's almost nothing I can't or won't wear. for inspiration! 

    Image via BJones Style

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