10 Ideas To Spruce Up Your Bathroom and Make It Guest Friendly

Let’s talk bathrooms. Are you happy with yours? With the holidays coming you may want to spruce up your bathroom in anticipation of guests. As a guest myself, I appreciate the instinct.

I love this time of year because it means Thanksgiving, Christmas and elongated visits to my parents’ house. I sleep better, eat better, and yes, even wash better at my parents‘ house. Why? Because my mother makes every guest feel at home, from the living room to the dining room to the bathroom! Yes, even the bathroom. My mother doesn’t have a fancy bathroom, but she has a colorful one that is warm, inviting ,and ready for use. I love that my mother has a frustrated interior designer in her because that means I always get her cast-offs whenever she decides to make a theme change. When I come to visit she sends me home with towel and mat sets that have been replaced by the latest and greatest sets that match her current decorating vision. I win when I stay there and I win when I don’t. Let’s hear it for mom! Woo hoo!

If you have guests coming over soon and no budget for a bathroom rehab, you should try these 10 mom-approved tricks to spruce up your bathroom. They will not only make your bathroom guest friendly for the holidays, but for every day of the year. Don’t just take my word for it, take my mom’s.


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  • Colorful Washcloths 2 of 11
    Spruce Up Your Bathroom For Holday Guests #MLTV

    My mother always sets out a stack of colorful washcloths for her guests to use in her bathroom. I love how they brighten up the counter. The best part is I never have to search for a hand towel.

  • Radiant Containers 3 of 11
    Spruce Up Your Bathroom For Holiday Guests #MLTV

    Like many houses, my parents' doesn't have a separate guest bathroom — it has a working family bathroom. That's why my mother's decision to use radiant containers to hold all the things you find in a functional bathroom makes her counter look less cluttered and more designed.

  • Toilet Paper and Toiletries 4 of 11
    Spruce Up Your Bathroom For Holiday Guests #MLTV

    At a hotel you can call down tot he front desk if you forgot mouthwash or shampoo. At my mother's house you don't have to look any further than her bathroom shelf. She has bottles on display filed with everything you could possibly need. She also graciously leaves out stacked rolls of toilet paper so no one ever has to hunt for a replacement role. Just like a mom to anticipate your needs.

  • Eye Popping Accents 5 of 11
    Spruce Up Your Bathroom For Holiday Guests #MLTV

    In additional to beautiful bottles and containers, my mother also adds eye popping color with accent pieces like dried flowers and patterned spray bottles and jars. Everywhere you look you can find candy for the eyes.

  • Bright Bath Mats 6 of 11
    Spruce Up Your Bathroom For Holiday Guests #MLTV

    Never underestimate the power of the bathmat — especially mats in bright colors. A warm hue will make your guests feel right at home.

  • Artwork 7 of 11
    Spruce Up Your Bathroom For Holiday Guests #MLTV

    Decorations on the counter and the shelves are one thing, but don't forget about the walls. My mother always has beautiful artwork adorning her bathroom walls. She changes the pieces to coincide with her current color scheme.

  • Vibrant Towels 8 of 11
    Spruce Up Your Bathroom For Holiday Guests #MLTV

    New towels are the quickest way to spruce up your bathroom. Design and function. Have fresh, vibrant, comfy towels ready and waiting for use and your guests will leave your house with a smile.

  • Useful Decorations 9 of 11
    Spruce Up Your Bathroom For Holiday Guests #MLTV

    I bet the last hotel bathroom you stayed in didn't offer you back hand or looffa scrubbers right on the tiled wall. Not to mention goggles for your deep sea inspired bath. Suction cup hooks can hang useful decorations for the guests in your bathroom.

  • Coordinated Decor 10 of 11
    Spruce Up Your Bathroom For Holiday Guests #MLTV

    Oh the wonders that fabric can do. Not to mention curtains, shelf liners, bowls, scrubbers, bottles and more. Don't be afraid of embracing a theme for your bathroom. Coordinate your decor. Just a little will go a long way to sprucing up your bathroom.

  • Fluffy Robes 11 of 11
    Spruce Up Your Bathroom For Holiday Guests #MLTV

    The number one item my mother has in her bathroom that makes every guest feel at home: a fluffy robe. She regularly buys the softest, most vivid bathrobes and makes them available on the door to the bathroom for anyone to use. Everyone is a VIP at my mother's house.


What are you doing to spruce up your bathroom this holiday season? Share your ideas here so we can all enjoy a warm and bright bathroom experience.



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