10 Inexpensive Space-Saving Dorm Decorating Tips For Any Teen Bedroom

A friend recently posed the question, “Remember when getting ready to go to college meant packing a suitcase and possibly a typewriter?”

She was referring to the industry that Dorm Room Products has become. Most dorms already provide a bed, bureau, desk, chair, and a place for hanging clothes. Otherwise known as everything you need. Otherwise known as jail.

These days the scrolling list of things necessary to pack for cute dorm life include designer bed linens and matching fabric wallhangings and area rugs and appliances and various technology.

On the other hand, dorm products make the most of small spaces and small budgets — which also describes many of our teenager’s living conditions pre-college. The following is a list of ten inexpensive, space saving dorm tips that can be utilized in any teen bedroom to make the most of organizing with very little output.

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  • Bed Risers 2 of 11

    Every teen bedroom typically has one mass of underutilized space roughly the size of the teenager themselves, which is to say under their bed. Lift the frame with risers for under bed storage. These risers  include electrical outlets for in bed technology, such as doing homework texting friends. $24.99 Available here.

  • Under Bed Storage 3 of 11

    Now that your teen's bed is lifted up to provide the space for storage, consider a closed bag or box for seldom used or seasonally used items. $7.99 Available here.

  • Room for Guests 4 of 11

    Gone are the days of youthful bunk beds, and sleepovers. Your teen will instead invite someone to crash. Store an inflatable mattress under the bed for visitors. $52.98 Available here. 

  • Accessory Organization 5 of 11

    This little black dress hangs conveniently in the closet and organizes all of your teenager's jewelry into one easily accessed place. $26.34. Available here. 

  • Desk Storage 6 of 11

    Computers have changed the landscape of desks, meaning there is less required surface real estate necessary, but storage of paperwork is still an issue. Select a desk with built in drawers for easy, simplified access. $99.99 Available here.

  • Laundry Needs 7 of 11

    Clothes on the floor are so 1990s, instead place a hamper within easy reach for better management of dirty clothes. These collapsible hampers can be shoved in small closet spaces or packed in a suitcase. $12.99 Available here.

  • Streamline Storage 8 of 11

    Take a look around your teen's bedroom and make a list of the things that seem to always collect on surfaces, and then see what types of existing storage solutons can facilitate this organization into one place. Visibility and ease are key. And speaking of keys, this rack holds keys, mail, and has a cork board for inter-family communication. $19.99 Available here.

  • Shoe Storage 9 of 11

    Track shoes, dance shoes, boots, sandals, heels, flats -- even if your teenager is not obsessed with shoes, there are still many pairs that need to find a home in a teen bedroom, and they take up the space of, approximately, a teen foot. Or two. This shoe solution hangs over the back of a door. $28.99 Available here.

  • Clothing Storage 10 of 11

    Clothes on the floor is sometimes indicative of inadequate storage and not dirty clothes. Things need to be easy to see and easy to put away. There is a hanging solution for every need. This sweater organizer is $24.99. Available here.

  • Streamlined Electronics 11 of 11

    Wires from this and extension cords from that -- streamline your teen's electronic's onto one docking station. This is also good for monitoring your teen's use of their devices, and enacting electronic curfews. $39.99 Available here.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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