10 Irresistibly Fun Snacks For Active Kids

I sometimes find myself in a snack rut. I want to provide healthy, delicious and nutritious snacks for my kids, but I also want those snacks to be fun! No need to run away from home. I love a great snack challenge. Here’s 9 fun kid’s snack ideas I’ve rounded up to try, plus one of my own original creations that I’m sharing with you.

I came up with the Happy Hobo Snack Sacks especially for my kids who are always on the run, either taking off with friends or headed to an after-school lesson. They are hungry and tend to “bum” food off of anyone who is willing to share with them. These snacks are perfect for grab-and-go moments, when everyone is ready to hit the road. They are filled with popcorn and whole grain cereal and some raisins, but I’ve added a few pieces of chocolate and a single peach gummy ring to “seal the deal.” Gummy things make my kids happy.

I offer this snack (as well as most of the ones I’ve rounded up) with some yogurt or cheese for a protein kick to keep the kids from rolling off the rails!


What You Need:

Makes one happy hobo, multiply accordingly!

  • 1/2 cup popped popcorn
  • 1 tbs fruity whole grain cereal
  • 1 tsp raisins or other dried fruit
  • 1 tsp chocolate chips or a few pieces of chocolate candy
  • 1 small plastic (non ziplock) bag
  • 1 gummy ring per
  • 1 pretzel log
  • 1 small piece of ribbon

Fill plastic bag with popcorn, cereal, fruit, chocolate. Twist corner of bag and knot. Slip gummy ring over the knot, Use ribbon or string to tie bag to a pretzel log.

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  • Bagel Critters 1 of 9

    I may be partial to this one because I have a son named Leo, who loves bagels. This is the most adorable bagel lion ever. 

  • Fruit Cake 2 of 9

    Guilt- and gluten-free. There are berries and melon balls here so it's officially a party. Here's how to make the fruit cake

  • Angry Birds 3 of 9

    Fruit with faces is more fun than fruit without faces. Even when the faces are angry. My kids would adore this Angry Birds fruit snack.

  • Snail Snackers 4 of 9

    This snail snack will get gobbled up long before it can leave a trail. Love the pickle head! 

  • Cheesy Mice 5 of 9

    Shhh — what's that sound? Silence? The children are eating. How cute are these cheesy little mice? 

  • Witches Brooms 6 of 9

    Perhaps this witches broom snack will serve as incentive to get the kids to clean up at the end of the playdate? 

  • Trail Mix 7 of 9

    This colorful trail mix reminds me of my youth. It's perfect anywhere, anytime there is a hungry kid! 

  • Kickstands 8 of 9

    These adorable kickstands are perfect for the neighborhood bike gang that convenes on my doorstep. 

  • Shark Attack 9 of 9

    I'm telling you, it's the gummy fish that take this from awesome to amazing. This shark attack fruit salad is truly over the top fun. 



Article Posted 3 years Ago

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