10 Kids Hairstyles: Will One Of Them Be Luke’s?

kids haircuts

So here’s the deal. Caroline and I are flat-out blowing off our baby’s hair. And by Caroline and I, I mean just Caroline. Because she calls the shots on that one. And by baby, I mean toddler. (Luke’s 19 months.)

Oh. And by blowing off, I mean refusing to cut.

And while I don’t really know why, I can tell you two things about the situation.

First I’m good with it. I mean, baby hair, right? It’s soft. And curly. And kinda fluffy. And cute (if not just a teensy bit funny looking). And since this is our last baby (five is plenty, thank you very much), we may as well enjoy baby hair for as long as possible, right? Because once you cut it, that’s it. Poof. Gone. No more curls. And without them, it’s just not the same baby hair anymore. So, since it’s last call, we’re letting it ride a bit.

But thing number two? It doesn’t matter how dude-ish his outfit is, everyone mistakes our little boy for a little girl. To the point where people will be all “Aw! Look. Daddy’s little girl.” AFTER I’ve already told them he’s a boy!

All because of my guy’s hair. The hair we love so much. Which has me wondering — what his hair will be like in the future? Will it be standard, like his brothers’? Or will the unconventional hair of his toddlerhood manifest itself via a little boy who desires to have a unique hairstyle in the years to come?

Well, just in case that’s what’s in store, I thought it’d be prudent to google “kids haircuts” to see what all was out there. Here are 10 of the more interesting ones I found (all on the site along with my thoughts on each one.

  • Little Boys Haircuts 1 of 10
    Little Boys Haircuts
    A quote from the site: "These two boys are sporting short layered haircuts that have similarities, but create different looks overall."

    While it might be true that they create different looks overall, they sure create a similar vibe: that of the "Nickelback enthusiast" variety.

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  • Red Dread Locks 2 of 10
    Red Dread Locks
    "The hair is a mix of Nordic fine hair and afro Caribbean texture."

    Really? Because I thought it was a mix of Adam Duritz and Opie Taylor.

    Photo Credit
  • Cut for Boys with Curls 3 of 10
    Cut for Boys with Curls
    "This boy's-cut is a circle cut that gives our little mop-top a casual-looking style for his otherwise unruly curls."

    And there I was assuming it was just the "Lief Garret." Pre-balding-necessitated bandana, that is.

    Photo Credit
  • Devil-lock Style 4 of 10
    Devil-lock Style
    "The opposite of the classic 'mullet' haircut. The adage of 'party in the back, business in front' is reversed in this look. The sides and nape area are cut with short layers, following the hairline in clean, crisp cutting lines."

    What it doesn't mention is that this haircut comes with a free Flock of Seagulls CD.

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  • Shag for Young Boys 5 of 10
    Shag for Young Boys
    "In a throwback to the mid-70s, the shag hairstyle is making a comeback for guys."

    I need to brush up on my hairstyles, because I just assumed that one was called the Zack and Cody.

    Photo Credit
  • Little Rebel 6 of 10
    Little Rebel
    "Heartbreakers start early. Barely out of the diapers, this boy channels James Dean with his hairstyle."

    Not to mention Vanilla Ice. And maybe just a splash of Wolfman Jack, too.

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  • Little Surfer Look 7 of 10
    Little Surfer Look
    "If your little boy prefers his hair to be on the longer side, then he might be just a happy camper with this surfer inspired look."

    So, I don't mean to be a back-seat barber, but that's not a surfer-inspired look. That's a Dog-Chapman-inspired look.

    Photo Credit
  • Rocker Haircut 8 of 10
    Rocker Haircut
    "He wants to be a little rebel and rocker, then let him look like one too."

    But what if he just wants to look like a young version of Joey from Full House? Could just be the shirt, though.

    Photo Credit
  • Punk Hair Styling 9 of 10
    Punk Hair Styling
    "For your very fashion forward boy this look might just make his day."

    You know, assuming that "fashion forward" boy has always wanted to look like a mash up of Alphalpha and that farmer guy from the American Gothic painting.

    Photo Credit
  • Classic Haircuts 10 of 10
    Classic Haircuts
    "This boy and girl are cute as can be and rockin' classic haircuts with updated twists."

    Well that may be, but the girl sure looks like a dead ringer for Dumb and Dumber's Lloyd wearing some sort of wig, what with those bangs and all.

    Photo Credit

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