10 Little Girl Dresses That I Really Want In My Size

Photo from Wed Over Heels.

When did little girl dresses become awesome? I seriously had no idea.

Sure, little girl dresses have always been cute and sweet and beautiful and all that, sure sure. Always. But I’m talking awesome. Like I want them in my size and I want to wear them to work or to a party or whatever, right now. Present tense. Why do these come in size 4T but not in size 4? Or, rather, size 10…for me, you know.

Here are 10 little girl dresses I would propose that Target make in my size…preferably before New Year’s Eve. Get on that, Target.

  • Girls Holiday Tulle Dress 1 of 10
    Girls Holiday Tulle Dress
    Seriously. I want this dress. $19 Get it here.
  • Girls Holiday Sequin Dress 2 of 10
    Girls Holiday Sequin Dress
    This looks like something I'd wear to the ball. $25 Get it here.
  • Sweater Dress 3 of 10
    Sweater Dress
    Joan from Mad Men wants this dress. Joan Jett also wants this dress. I too want this dress. $15 Get it here.
  • Boucle Dress 4 of 10
    Boucle Dress
    I would wear this in Paris. $25 Get it here.
  • Marchesa Dress 5 of 10
    Marchesa Dress
    I would wear this as I ran down a hill and sang a show tune. $50 Get it here.
  • Orange Tulle Dress 6 of 10
    Orange Tulle Dress
    I would wear this everyday and pretend I was Charro. $18 Get it here.
  • Shiny Shiny Sequin Dress 7 of 10
    Shiny Shiny Sequin Dress
    I want to wear this on New Years Eve. $25 Get it here.
  • Marchesa Floral Dress 8 of 10
    Marchesa Floral Dress
    Just knowing this dress exists makes me ridiculously happy. $40 Get it here.
  • Rosenau Girls’ Holiday Embroidery Dress 9 of 10
    Rosenau Girls' Holiday Embroidery Dress
    Pretty. Awesome. $25 Get it here.
  • Sequin Skirt 10 of 10
    Sequin Skirt
    Okay, technically it's not a dress. I still want it. Bad. $12 Get it here.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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