10 Little Ways You Know You’re An Awesome Mom

me sharing a smooch with my daughter Clara

Hey Moms: we’re pretty hard on ourselves, aren’t we? I feel like every day I’m reading some post about how much a fellow mom blogger screwed up this or that thing, and I’ve definitely been guilty of self-bashing myself.

But what about all the things we do right? Not the big, ambitious, far-reaching stuff necessarily, but the little ways we totally bring it as mothers every day.

I asked 9 mom-blogging friends to tell me one little thing they think they do really well as a mom, and loved the responses I got so much that I compiled them for you – plus one of my own.

Thing is, every mother I know does some (or most!) of these things really well – which is why this post is all about why you (and me, and the other mothers we know!) are awesome moms:

  • You aren’t afraid to get silly. 1 of 10
    You aren't afraid to get silly.
    "I'm a good mom because I do silly, fun stuff. I don't take myself too seriously and when I screw up (early and often) I apologize unconditionally."- Rene Syler of The Good Enough Mother and Good Enough is Perfect
  • You pick your battles. 2 of 10
    You pick your battles.
    "I think what makes me a great parent is my ability to let some things slide. I try to distinguish between the small stuff and the big battles, where I need to stick to my guns." - Ciaran Blumenfeld, and Casa De Chaos
  • You demonstrate kindness. 3 of 10
    You demonstrate kindness.
    "Because I will only adopt adult rescue animals. Big kitties need homes too." Casey Mullins, Moosh in Indy and Shutterlovely
  • You slather on the affection. 4 of 10
    You slather on the affection.
    "I'm never too busy to give my kids a smooch." - Meagan Francis of The Happiest Mom and At Home With The Happiest Mom
  • You admit when you’re wrong. 5 of 10
    You admit when you're wrong.
    "Since I know that we all make mistakes, I always own up to them. Aside from apologizing if I am wrong or if I yell (yes, I do lose it sometimes), I actually explain to my kids (6 and 9 years old) why what I did was wrong and what I will do to rectify it." Jeanette Kaplun, Mamifesto
  • You make memories. 6 of 10
    You make memories.
    "I take my kids to baseball games." - Sarah Braesch, Sarah and the Goon Squad and That's Right. You Heard Me.
  • You help them learn life skills. 7 of 10
    You help them learn life skills.
    "I'm teaching my kids life skills: how to cook dinner, how to change a diaper, how to clean a bathroom. Our system of household chores keep us all grounded and connected as a family." - Amy Suardi, Frugal Mama
  • You treat kids like they count. 8 of 10
    You treat kids like they count.
    "I'm great at talking to my kids like they're thoughtful human beings. I remember being 7 and hating that feeling of a grown-up talking down to me, so I go out of my way to make sure I talk to my kids like they have something valuable to contribute to a conversation.
    Also, I'm great at fake laughing at really, really dumb jokes."
    -Tsh Oxenreider, and The Dish With Tsh
  • You say yes. 9 of 10
    You say yes.
    "I say yes. My new motto: when in doubt, be awesome. Applies well to motherhood. Sometimes the kids have way better ideas than I do, so when they want to go to the beach and it's a beautiful day? I say yes." - Stephanie Precourt, Adventures in Babywearing
  • You’re always up for a good time. 10 of 10
    You're always up for a good time.
    I am a good mom because I am always happy to press pause on working, cleaning, a crabby mood, or a big and involved conversation to have a dance party. It shakes off a crazy schedule or tense day or dreaded task, and calls on my club days from the 90s. I don't do everything right as a mama, but I can seriously kill it on the dining-room dance floor. - Jessica Ashley, Sassafrass

What’s one little way that you’re an awesome mom?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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