10 Mom Bloggers Share When They Began Blogging for Good

Blogging for good is nothing new. Ever since blogging rose in popularity bloggers have harnessed their communities and readers to make measurable impacts on people’s lives whether they live here in the United States or a world away.

What is interesting to me is the unique catalyst that helped bloggers realize that, yes indeed, they can also blog for good and make an impact that will help people in need. Sometimes bloggers start blogs specifically for good while other bloggers fall upon an epiphany that they can impact lives through their writing. I wrote about my epiphany earlier this year in When Did You Realize You Were More Than “Just a Blogger”?

I asked mom bloggers to share the moment when they realized they could blog for good and change others’ lives. Read their stories.

  • Amanda Mouttaki 1 of 10
    Amanda Mouttaki
    The moment I realized I could use blogging for good was when I posted about an orphanage in Morocco I was hoping to help. I received an outpouring of support both in financial and physical donations, many from readers who I had previously had little contact with. It was a bit of a shock to see how many people were reading and wanted to help. Even now, over a year later I regularly receive emails from people who want to help Moroccan orphans. Maroc Mama
  • Caitlin Nicole 2 of 10
    Caitlin Nicole
    The very moment I realized I could use blogging for social good was actually on my blog's Facebook page. In September of 2012, I was informing my readers that I would be raising funds for Susan G. Komen during October of 2012 and that I would love help. One person in particular commented rather negatively and talked about how I didn't acknowledge the fact that September was Pediatric Cancer Awareness month.I decided to make an opportunity out of the situation. It was obvious that she cared deeply for the cause and I really appreciated that so I sent her a message and, in my message, I offered to work with her to help her spread the word about Pediatric Cancer. That is the moment I knew that I could do some good with my blog. Southern Stay-at-Home Mom
  • Elizabeth Atalay 3 of 10
    Elizabeth Atalay
    I really saw the power of using my blog for social good after writing a post about the GAVI Alliance rolling out vaccines in Ghana with I received positive reader responses about how it inspired them to take on various humanitarian aid projects themselves. It was a lightbulb moment, when I realized the potential domino effect of me writing about social good. Even if it inspired just one person to take on their own humanitarian projects, that in turn would inspire others and it could grow exponentially into an entire chain reaction of social good. Documama
  • Lauren Beihoffer 4 of 10
    Lauren Beihoffer
    The moment I realized I could use blogging for good was when I started sharing personal accounts of the effects of institutionalizaztion on our adopted children and how it affected our entire family. I started receiving emails from others who were in similar situations about how they felt comforted and empowered by my words. It was then that I knew my voice had the power to inspire and educate others. Hike. Blog. Love
  • Jennifer Rees 5 of 10
    Jennifer Rees
    I won an advocacy award a few years ago called the "Fierce Heart" award. That's when what I was doing, and HOW I was doing it, all clicked for me while I was standing on the steps of the state capitol. Big Binder Blog
  • Jewel Figueras 6 of 10
    Jewel Figueras
    Service has always been on my heart. The first time someone called me an influencer, I started passing on good news and encouraging others to do good deeds. Jewel's Fab Life
  • Karen Mitts Heffren 7 of 10
    Karen Mitts Heffren
    I offered a free coupon class with the request of diaper donations for the local diaper bank, I knew there was interest among my readers but figured it would be a total bust. When I ended up with more 20 packs of diapers, I knew I had and could make a positive social impact with my blogging. Desert Chica Ramblings
  • Kelli Nelson 8 of 10
    Kelli Nelson
    I've always had a special interest in the advocacy for underprivileged, at-risk children. Immediately after launching my site in September 2011, I realized how compelled I felt to raise my digital voice for those children and that I had created a perfect platform to do so. At the same time, I was discovering social good mentors like Jennifer James and Tsh Oxenreider (, proving how influential the momosphere can be and encouraging other mom bloggers to make an impact. I knew then I would use my new blog for more than sharing my own stories. Sweetness of Life & Motherhood
  • Lisa Van Engen 9 of 10
    Lisa Van Engen
    The moment I realized I could use blogging for good, was before I even started blogging. I felt this longing rising up in all the women I encountered, a longing to extend compassion and make a difference in the lives of others. Woman are powerful in community and I wanted to contribute to that and provide a forum for their voices to be heard. About Proximity
  • Stacey Weckstein 10 of 10
    Stacey Weckstein
    The moment I realized I could use my blog for social good was in 2008 when I realized I could create a blog instead of the static website I was attempting to create. My ah-ha moment came while I was reading Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose. I realized it was time to shift gears and build a blog. I created my blog with the intention of helping women around the world balance the demands of being everything to everyone while not losing themselves, their needs, and their passions in the process. Evolving Stacey

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