10 Moms Share What They Are Thankful For

It’s that time of year in which we get to pause, look back, and reflect on what we are thankful for. I feel blessed, not only on Thanksgiving Day, but every single second. Not a day goes by without me feeling blessed to be a mom. Becoming a mother was a complicated adventure for me, plagued with tears, hopes that were crushed every month, plus feeling that what came so easily for others was extremely hard for me. I never stopped praying, especially for strength to endure the journey to grow our family.

After three years of trying to be parents, my husband and I finally had our miracle baby boy eleven years ago. We later had a baby girl (also a miracle), who is now eight years old. Both pregnancies were high risk and required bed rest, so every day I stayed pregnant was a blessing. A blessing that called for extra gratitude and acceptance of those things that are beyond our control. Those lessons have stuck with me, even if they were tough to learn. In many ways, I believe they helped me be a better parent when I was finally able to become a mother.

My children have taught me so many things, especially what true, unconditional love is all about. They have also taught me patience and resilience. They inspire me with their wit and sense of humor. I am so thankful to them, for giving me strength and courage to get up in the morning even when I am exhausted or life is teaching me yet another lesson. But most of all, I am thankful for being their mom and having them call me mami, even if there are times in which I am utterly tired and scared of failing at this parenting thing.

I believe gratitude makes us happier, so I wanted to share what other moms I admire feel thankful for. Feel free to reach out for some tissues!

  • Moms are thankful for their children 1 of 12
    Women share why they are thankful to be mothers

    As parents, we constantly face challenges but our children give us strength even when our energy is at an all time low. 10 moms share with you what they are thankful for; just click through to see if you identify with any (or all) of them.

  • Thankful because each day is a gift 2 of 12
    Danielle Eliott Smith is a thankful mom

    "I'm thankful to be a mom because my small people have taught me to be a student of life: my imagination is bigger, my heart is stronger, my laugh is more full, my gratitude for all that I have is deeper than I ever could have believed. I recognize each day for the gift that it is and I live looking forward. I couldn't ask for more."

    Danielle Elliott Smith

  • Thankful for the drive and passion 3 of 12
    A thankful mom: Ana Flores

    "I'm thankful to be a mother because I know what true, unconditional love is, but I also learn that love is a range of emotions that may not always bring out the best in me. I'm thankful because my daughter is my guide more than I am hers. I'm thankful for the drive and passion my daughter brought out in me. I'm thankful I get to hear the word "Mami" every single day — but can it please be after 7 a.m.?"

    Ana Flores

  • Thankful to be able to make a difference 4 of 12
    Morra Aarons Mele is a thankful mom of 2

    "When I first found out I was having a boy almost 5 years ago, I freaked out. I had no idea what to do with sons! Would I be condemned to a life of superheroes, violence, and no one to shop with?

    Now I have two little boys, and I love being a boy mom! Yes, there is a fair share of violence (but you should see my biceps, thanks to breaking up fights over legos) but there is also intense sweetness. My boys love animals, "helping" around the house, and most of all, they love their mom. And I love them, more than anything else. 

    As a feminist, I am thankful for the chance to raise boys who become loving men, committed to equality and life outside the "man box." I may shop alone, but otherwise my boys keep me better company than I ever thought possible."

    Morra Aarons-Mele

  • Thankful for the miracle of life 5 of 12
    Eliana Tardio always shows how thankful she is to be a mom

    "Being a mom is a miracle, it doesn't matter how many times you have seen it or heard it before, is not until the moment you get the joy of holding your child for the first time, that you realize how blessed you are for giving birth to one of the most important persons of yours. Someone who will definitely change your destiny for good."

    Eliana Tardío


  • Thankful for the chances to celebrate 6 of 12
    Ciaran Blumenfeld is a thankful mom, too

    "Being a mom gives me milestones to celebrate and parties to plan. It keeps me crafty and creative and fills my world with love."

    Ciaran Blumenfeld

  • Thankful even on the toughest days 7 of 12
    Lisa Quiñones Fontanez is proud to be a thankful mom

    "Not a day goes when I don't feel lucky for being Norrin's mother. Being a mother isn't easy. And being the mother to a child with special needs can be challenging. But even on the toughest days, I feel lucky to have a child in my life. It is a love and a bond unlike any other I have known. Being a mother and seeing the world through my son's eyes, makes me truly stop and appreciate the little things."

    Lisa Quiñones Fontanez

  • Thankful for family traditions 8 of 12
    Stacey Ferguson is thankful to be a mom and pass on traditions

    "Oh, there are so many reasons I'm thankful to be a mother! If I had to pick just one reason, I'd say that I'm thankful to be a mom because it gives me the chance to share the delights of my childhood that my mother shared with me, with my guys. From singing "Raindrops on Roses" to making candy apples to our bedtime prayer - passing down small but meaningful traditions and knowing that they will make them feel as special as my sister and I did growing up - and become a part of who they are, is so, so amazing."

    Stacey Ferguson

  • Thankful for all that is good and beautiful in life 9 of 12
    Jeannine Harvey is thankful for her daughters

    "Because I have so much to be thankful for and feel almost guilty for what I have. Not the material items. Those mean less and less to me. But for the unconditional love of these two amazing beings. These two girls who depend on me for so much and give me so much in return. They are perfect and flawed and dramatic and funny and kind and loving. I am thankful for these two beings. I am thankful for their differences. For the way they love each other. And me. And others. They are all that is good and beautiful in my life."

    Jeannine Harvey

  • Thankful for watching them grow 10 of 12
    Jyl Johnson Pattee is thankful for her boys

    "The best part of being a mom? Watching my kids learn, grow, and realize their potential. But also... just hanging with them! Talking. Laughing. Being together at home, on date nights, on family vacations, or just during the day in day out routine of life is amazing. I just love being around them!"

    Jyl Johnson Pattee

  • Thankful to embrace the everyday 11 of 12
    Kelly thirman thankful mom

    "I'm thankful that motherhood provides a reminder to embrace & savor the everyday. Before I had kids I was always so focused on what was next that I never took the time to enjoy the present."

    Kelly Tirman

  • Thankful for discovering my life’s purpose 12 of 12
    Jeannette Kaplun, thankful to be a mom every single day

    Finally, my turn. Being able to experience unconditional love like the one you feel for your children is a gift. I am thankful for every moment, every smile, every laugh, every hug and even every tear I have wiped away from their faces. I am thankful for their sense of humor, for their innocence, their kindness and for the love they give me. My life has a purpose  thanks to them. Whenever, wherever we are together, I feel I am home.

Do you feel thankful to be a parent? Share why in the comments below.

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