10 Original and Fun Ways to Make Cascarones {Confetti Eggs}

I grew up in El Salvador where a huge part of our celebrations included not only piñatas, but also smashing confetti-filled eggs, aka cascarones, over our eggs. The tradition hails from Mexico but has expanded throughout Central and South America and now I’m delighted to see that it has morphed with the Easter egg hunt culture in the United States.

The basic cascarones are normally just created by using hollowed eggs, food dye, confetti to fill the eggs and colored tissue paper with glue to cover the holes. With a canvas like a white or colored egg, it’s easy to see how so many people have gotten creative with cascarones and have taken them to a whole new fun, original and artistic level.

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  • Glitter-Filled Cascarones 2 of 12
    The fun in these cascarones is that they are all sparkly in the inside and colorful on the outside. Instead of filling these with regular confetti, Icing Designs shows us how to fill them with glitter for some extra cascarón magic. I can't help but think of the cleaning up, though!

    Photo credit: Icing Designs.
  • Doodle Egg Head Cascarones 3 of 12
    Veronica of A Fanciful Twist sees hollowed up eggs as the perfect art canvas, and she truly gets creative with them. Armed with a #2 pencil, she's created some whimsical and original doodles to make these too-beautiful-to-smash cascarones. She also adds some acrylic paint for splashes of color and uplifting little messages mixed in with the confetti inside.

    Photo credit: A Fanciful Twist
  • Lucha Libre Cascarones 4 of 12
    We can count on the Crafty Chica to make fun and kitschy lucha libre-inspired cascarones! Perfect for little boys and Mexican culture aficionados and fun to make, check out the DIY here.

    Photo credit: The Crafty Chica
  • Easter Egg Poppers 5 of 12
    A cross between a mini-piñata, a place card and a confetti-filled egg, these cascarones will impress any guest and have kids begging for more. Click on over to CamilleStyles.com for an easy DIY to make your own.

    Photo credit: Michael Bullock on camilystyles.com
  • Crayon Cascarones 6 of 12
    I never thought some simple crayons could make cascarones look so cool! Nicole Presley of PresleysPantry.com shares her cascarón-making way of drawing over the white shell with some crayons and then dyeing them the traditional way to seal the colors and make them pop. Check out her picture how-to here.
  • Embellished Cascarones 7 of 12
    Grab some leftover scraps of ribbons, gems, trims, etc and use some Mod Podge to embellish your hollowed eggs in original ways. Hot Glue Gun Helpers share some ideas here.

    Photo credit: Hot Glue Gun Helpers
  • Amiguitos Conejitos Cascarones 8 of 12
    Super adorable and cute bunny cascarones that can be filled with candy or the traditional confetti! Kids will have a blast making these and they are also perfect as little gifts. Check out how to make them here.

    Photo credit: Ruby DW for SpanglishBaby.com
  • Traditional Cascarones 9 of 12
    Prudent Baby does a beautiful job at sharing a step-by-step pictorial of how to make single-dye cascarones that are vibrant and colorful.

    Photo credit: PrudentBaby.com
  • Chickie Cascarones 10 of 12
    The Gracies Eggies Etsy shop from San Antonio knows that cascarones are fun year-round for any type of special celebration. She has an assortment of specialty cascarones, like these super cute Chickie ones that sell out way before Easter.

    Visit the Gracies Eggies shop on Etsy for inspiration.
  • Colorful Dye-Free Cascarones 11 of 12
    Don't want to go through the mess of dying your eggs? Andrea Justine of Preferred Goodness blog shows us how decorating and adding vibrant colors to your cascarones can be as easy as getting creative with markers.

    Photo credit: Preferred Goodness
  • Smashing Cascarones 12 of 12
    No matter how beautiful and fancy your cascarones are, the most fun and memorable part is smashing them over your loved one's heads! The first time I made cascarones we had a blast. We made them the traditional way, but got a bit crazy when it came to cracking them over our heads!

    Photo Credit: SpanglishBaby.com

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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