10 pairs of awesome sunglasses that will make you look 10 pounds thinner

I LOVE sunglasses. Seriously. Love them. I can hardly be outside without them. Plus, as we learn from Justin Bieber and countless other pop stars, sunglasses just make you look cooler.

And I think when you look cooler you feel more confident, and when you feel more confident you instantly look about 10lbs thinner. That’s a scientific fact. Or it should be.

I’ve rounded up 10 pairs of shades that will knock 10 pounds off your looks faster than your next crash diet. And they won’t even mess with your metabolism. You’re welcome!

Here are 10 pairs of sunglasses that make you look thinner!

  • Heart Sunnies 1 of 10

    Ok, so I'd need to wear about 4 pairs of these sunglasses to look as good as Cara Loren in them...but still! If you're rocking a pair of heart sunnies who is going to be looking at your muffin top? NO ONE! 

    See how Cara Loren rocks these here. 

    Buy similar ones here. 

  • Samba Sunglasses 2 of 10

    These babies are RAD. Yellow is so hot right now, and I'm loving the cut-outs. These are a super flattering shape and they keep the attention where it should be...on your eyes. 

    Get them from Bonlook. 

  • Rose Gold Circle Wood Glasses 3 of 10

    You basically cannot go wrong with ANY pair of glasses from Tumbleweeds. They are ALL gorgeous. They're an investment in awesome eyewear, and you have to act fast because they tend to sell out! I picked to feature these circle shades because I'm LOVING circle frames right now, but there are a lot of good options!

    Get these here. 

  • Carrie Sunglasses in Pink 4 of 10

    I don't have a lot of money. Haha, so I tend to buy cheap sunglasses mostly. These lil babies are only $14 and that pink would be so flattering on any skin tone.

    Get them from Sosie. 



  • Fade You Look Sunglasses 5 of 10

    You can't go wrong with black and white. MJ knew it, and these sunglasses know it. Seriously though, I really want these. 

    Get them from Mod Cloth.

  • Ray-Ban Aviators 6 of 10

    Like I said, mama don't have much cash, but when and if I DO drop some real money on shades, I have my heart set on a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators. Sunglasses just don't get sexier than this. You'll look like a million bucks no matter what you're wearing.

    Shop Ray-Ban here.

  • Floral Print Glasses 7 of 10

    I have a pair of floral print sunglasses that I get tons of compliments on. I really like floral prints that are placed on a black background, like on this pair. I think it makes the floral look a lot more sophisticated.

    Get these from Target.

  • Gold Circle Frames 8 of 10

    I love these because they look like a mix of aviator and circle frames, and have a bit of Elton John in them, don't you think? They're only $16 to boot. I think frames like this make you look wise and knowledgeable. Eh?!

    Get them at Urban Outfitters. 

  • Marc Jacobs Retro Sunglasses 9 of 10

    Large black frames that block out about half of your face are a total power play. You can find a decent pair anywhere really, but if you want a pair that lasts these Marc by Marc Jacobs Retro sunglasses look super formidable. Also they're on killer sale right now! Weee!

    Get them at Nordstrom

  • Pearl Round Shades 10 of 10

    I think these babies will not only make you look thinner, but richer too! haha, I have not been able to find them, so I made myself a pair using some pearls from the craft store and these black frames. This still comes from the most awesome music video!

    See the inspiration and video here!


    I found a similar pair here for $20! 


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