10 Personalized Gifts For Your Teen

If you’re anything like me, your eyes began rolling back in your head at the first sign of consumer holiday displays. The merchandizing of big ticket holidays seems to happen earlier and earlier these days — it’s not rare to see Christmas Tree displays before Halloween. My reaction is to put off shopping until a few days after Christmas. In doing so, however, I throw my body into the crowd I’m hoping to avoid and miss many deals available through online shopping. And I certainly don’t allow myself the time for the sort of thoughtfulness that comes with personalized gifts.

Monogrammed anything always felt silly to me — but there are very cool personalized gifts out there that are as easy to order as anything else, yet allow for the customizing that shows you’re paying some sort of attention. As such, I offer the following 10 personalized Gifts For Your Teen. Don’t put off now what cannot be personalized tomorrow!

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  • Customized Bracelet 2 of 11

    The current fad of bracelets, many worn on an arm at once, is perfect for customization. Every variety. This one is available here. $16.

  • Customized Ring 3 of 11

    While on the subject of jewelry, why not a ring engraved with a message or name. It can also be worn on a chain around the neck. This one is available here. $17.

  • Customized Water Bottle 4 of 11

    For some reason I get annoyed at the look of water bottles lying around the house -- but I should be grateful my daughter sees the value of carrying one with her all day every day. Customization ensures there's no confusion over which one belongs to her. These are available here. $20.95.

  • Heart String Pillow 5 of 11

    This customized pillow serves as a very sweet reminder about a far flung loved one. Available here. $42.

  • Personalized Clutch 6 of 11

    Consider personalizing a classic wardrobe piece that will never go out of style. This clutch is available here. $85.

  • Personalized M&Ms 7 of 11

    Personalized with a name, photo, or both -- in the M&M colors of your choice. Perfect for the chocolate lover, or for those not sentimental about eating their own photo. Available here. From $25 up.

  • Personalized Makeup Caddy 8 of 11

    This is just one example of many home organizational items available for customization. Bins and boxes too. Perhaps the personalization will help with the organization commitment level! This is available here. $49 and up.

  • Personalized Phone Case 9 of 11

    This should be on everybody's list this year, no questions asked. Available here. $40 and delivery, depending.

  • Custom Wall Decal 10 of 11

    Decals are the latest rage in home decorating --  less a commitment than paint, and easy to use for creating cozy designer vignettes. These are available here. $69 free shipping. 

  • Wall Decals Part 2 11 of 11

    Or how about this for the more masculine teen in your house? This decal features a sturdy hook! Available here. $79.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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