10 Photos to Inspire Greatness in Your Photography, and the Photos that Hung in the Natural History Museum!

Below are 10 photos to inspire greatness in your photography.  Whether you are taking photos of your kids, traveling to a foreign land, or doing a personal photo project, get ready to be inspired. This last week, me and my fellow Sony Artisans of Imagery were all in New York City for Photo Plus Expo. We speak on Sony’s stage all throughout the expo, and tens of thousands of photographers come to this annual event. I love listening to each of the Artisans present. They inspire my own work every year, as I hear them share their creative process. As I listened to them present, I soon had my favorite 10 photos to inspire greatness in your photography too!  You can watch all our talks at the Sony booth, if you are a lover of the creative process and photography. But the fun didn’t stop there!

Last Thursday night four of my Egypt photos were on exhibit in The American Museum of Natural History, alongside photography from all eight Sony Artisans.  It was an awe-mazing night.  A huge honor.  I still can’t believe my work was on exhibit at the Natural History Museum.  The tenth photo in this slideshow is one of my four pieces that hung. See my blog post today to see all four photos that went on exhibit.  You can also see a short one minute video of the Artisans and this special night on Duggal’s blog.

  • Search for Unique Perspectives 1 of 10
    Girl on Tire Swing by David Mclain, Sony Artisan of Imagery

    Whenever I see David Mclain's work, I am inspired to be a better photographer.  He shoots for National Geographic and a variety of other publications.  There is an innocence to what he captures.  To how he sees the world. 

  • Get Even Closer 2 of 10
    Asian Woman Farming by David Mclain, Sony Artisan of Imagery

    Consider how close David Mclain is when shooting this moment.  Next time you are capturing a story unfolding, consider getting in even closer. And then get even closer than that! See more of David's incredible work in his new film called Bounce: How the Ball Taught the World to Play.  (amazing)

  • Revisit a Place that Stirs You 3 of 10
    Sony A7r in Haiti by Brian Smith, Sony Artisan of Imagery

    Brian Smith, Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, has visited Haiti a handful of times.  He recently photographed the landscape with Sony's new a7r DSLR.  When I saw this photo on exhibit in the museum, I was deeply moved. The sky, the church ruins, the colors, and the people. He told me that it caught his eye the day before, but he went back the second day to search out the story he wanted to capture. Wonderful advice.  Revisit a place that stirs you.

  • Look for Opposites 4 of 10
    Sony A7r in Haiti by Brian Smith, Sony Artisan of Imagery

    I love all the opposites I can find in this photo by Brian Smith.  Whether it's the color contrast or the direction each person is looking.  Look for the opposites to add energy to your story. 

  • Find New Lands, Discover New Visions 5 of 10
    Japanese Kimono in Green Stalks, Matthew Jordan Smith, Sony Artisan of Imagery

    Matthew Jordan Smith is an incredible fashion photographer. I can't think of anyone in Hollywood that he hasn't photographed.  You can even see him on America's Next Top Model. (He is often one of the judges.)  And yet with all this, he talked this year about going to foreign, new lands to inspire his creativity--keep it alive and growing. He is working on a project in China right now, last year he was in Japan. All of this feeds his work that often graces the covers of fashion magazines. 

  • Beautiful Photography Isn’t Always Still 6 of 10
    Jeff Berlin, Sony Artisan of Imagery

    Jeff Berlin, another talented fashion and commercial photographer, joined our Sony Artisan team this year.  He has a wonderful way of showing how beautiful photography isn't always still but often in motion.  That means the blurred photos can be just as powerful as the sharp ones.  What a wonderful, creative exercise: intentionally capturing blurred images. 

  • Love in Motion 7 of 10
    Robert Evans, Sony Artisan of Imagery

    Robert Evans, a dear friend for years, also joined the Sony Artisan team this year.  He has been shooting celebrity weddings forever.  Whether it was Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's wedding or the newest stars of Hollywood, you will often see his name credited in the People magazine wedding features.  I LOVE how he inspires you to capture love.  See a ton of inspiring examples on his website.  This image inspires me to capture love in motion.

  • Look for Hiding Places 8 of 10
    Black and White Couple Kissing in Hallway, Robert Evans, Sony Artisan of Imagery

    What if you set out to capture everything that comes to mind when you think of "hiding places".  It can be the child's blanket fort or the lovers stolen kiss in an empty hallway.  Another powerful capture by Robert Evans.  In fact, look through all our websites and notice how often we capture someone in their hiding place. 

  • Search for Illuminating Light 9 of 10
    Andy Katz Photography from India, Sony Artisan of Imagery

    Andy Katz often talks of getting up before sunrise or waiting for the golden light at sunset.  His beautiful work covers the globe.  This is part of his photography collection from India.  (Talk about "hiding places".)

  • Convey Symbolism with Black and White 10 of 10
    Girl in Bedouin Garb, Egypt American Museum of Natural History by Me Ra Koh

    Each of my four photos in the Natural History Museum were shot with SONY's a99 DSLR, and set on the Black and White mode.  I purposely chose black and white to convey the extremes of how the press shows Egypt's turmoil while not showing the beauty of it.  As Cristina Mittermeier, a fellow SONY Artisan, once told me "It is always easier to photograph the hopeless, but to capture the beauty and hope that still thrives and lives despite the hopelessness--that is the honor we have as photographers."  (I would show you Cristina's photos from last week, but she is on assignment for National Geographic documenting whales in Hawaii--tough life, right?!)

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