10 Quick and Easy Ways to Change your Perspective

I was recently watching The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan work his magic on dog after dog. With each canine issue came a simple correction to set the pet’s entire frame of mind from a frenzied fixation to a calm and relaxed state. Caesar’s technique is usually just a quick kick to the hind quarters. It’s nothing that causes the dog any pain, it’s just enough contact to surprise the animal which in turn, quickly changes its pattern of thinking; like a jolt of distraction.

Light bulb moment.

I know that when I’m having a bad day (fixated on any number of negative thoughts), unless I go way out of my way to change it up, things get progressively worse. The more I obsess, the more cranky or hopeless or defeated I feel. Learning different ways to snap myself out of my funk(s) with minimal time and/or effort has made all the difference in changing my bad moods to better ones.

Here are 10 quick and easy tricks I’ve tried—that you can try too—to simulate a swift, distracting, kick in the behind and  serve as the diversion necessary to change your perspective and swing your mood from crappy to happy (or at least happier):

  • Aromatherapy 1 of 10
    Go grab that grapefruit body wash or cocoa butter suntan lotion and take a big whiff. Within moments, you'll be transported from where you were to a whole new experience. What you choose to smell, and where you'll go is entirely up to you, just allow your sense of smell take you there.
  • Wash your Face 2 of 10
    A splash of cool water can help you refresh and reframe at the same time. Or, you could turn the other cheek, so to speak, and use a gentle warm washcloth pressed against your face to sooth your senses, relax and reframe. Don't forget to moisturize (may I suggest something that smells good?).
  • Seek out a Message 3 of 10
    Walk to the nearest bookshelf, pick up a book, open to a random page and read from anywhere on that page. Some books are more inspiring than others but the point that you are given something totally new to ponder.
  • Look up 4 of 10
    Go outside and look up at the sky. Take a deep breath in and fully exhale. Repeat. Keep looking up. Allow yourself to feel small as you stand under the expansive and endless sky. Talk about a reality check! Visualize your bad mood floating up, up and away.
  • Call a Friend 5 of 10
    Whether it's a tried and true confidant who will listen and talk you off the ledge or just a friendly voice that will surely get your mind off of your troubles, actually using your phone to phone a friend can work serious wonders in helping you get your mind off things.
  • Shift Some Stuff 6 of 10
    Stop what you're doing and tidy up a small space that might need a little re-org. How about the silverware drawer, your make up bag or the trunk of your car? Taking care of a little corner of your world can be a perfect distraction. Plus, you get the benefit of getting a little more order in your life.
  • Look to the Stars 7 of 10
    Read your horoscope. Unless you're already adamant about checking your horoscope daily, this can often give you a little insight or guidance to help change up your perspective. If you already read your horoscope, go visit another source for a new planetary twist.
  • Treat Yourself 8 of 10
    Sprinkle cinnamon in your coffee. Put peanut butter on your pancakes. Pop some popcorn. Sip chocolate milk through a straw. Chew some bubble gum. Allow yourself a little childlike pleasure to lighten the mood. Sometimes all it takes is a little TLC for your inner child to lift your spirits.
  • Take a Nap 9 of 10
    Sometimes, when you're at your worst, it's because you're over-tired. If you just said, "I'm not tired" with the tone of a 4 year old, then it's pretty clear that you are. Time for a cat nap or a good long snooze; whichever time allows for.
  • Cry it Out 10 of 10
    If you've got a good cry in you, let it out. The best way to get a brand new perspective is to release all that pent up frustration, anger, sadness, or sorrow and let it flow out through crocodile tears. When you're done, you'll feel much better. I recommend the tissue with lotion.


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