10 Reasons to Love Disney Infinity Toy Box Mode

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If you asked me right now, what I love the most about Disney Infinity, the answer would be the Toy Box mode of play.

What I love, LOVE about the Disney Infinity Game system is that it not always a game. It’s a burst of fresh air in a polluted space.

Far too often, I’ve seen my kids go into a trance, as their gaming characters jump on logs or run through subways in an endless addictive task of precision hopping and clicking. These sort of repetitive  games frighten me, and I really try to avoid letting my kids play them.

The world of the Disney Infinity Toy Box is wide and diverse, as wide and diverse as a child’s imagination. In this mode of play they can create whole worlds and invent their own games. It’s virtual fort building. Here are a few more of the reasons I love Disney Infinity Toy Box for my kids.

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  • Play Alone or With a Friend 2 of 11

    Disney Infinity Toybox is fun to play alone - you can create whole worlds and return to them later. 

  • Gang’s All Here 3 of 11

    Playing with Disney Infinity Toybox is a fun neighborhood activity. It's great fun to have friends over and show off the worlds you have built. It's like having the gang over to your own "place."  Kids can play host in their virtual world. 

  • Something For Everyone 4 of 11

    With so many characters to choose from (and play as) this is a toy that boys and girls of a wide age difference will all appreciate.

  • Dream It, Design It 5 of 11

    I can't even believe the skill set that my 5-year-old son is building here. From concept to execution - he is creating and building complicated projects entirely on his own. If he can dream it, he can design it, and then he gets to experience it, in a whole new world of play that turns his imagination into his own virtual reality. 

  • Make a Scene 6 of 11

    Toybox provides a stage for your kid's characters to act out all kinds of dramas, while brushing up on storytelling skills. Of course, you can just play with the characters, as well. 

  • Take the Challenge With Your Friends 7 of 11

    Disney Infinity Toybox issues weekly challenges that give everyone the opportunity to show off their design skills and see what other community members have come up with. Past challenges include Thanksgiving parade routes and Frozen racetracks.  See more Disney Infinity challenges on the official YouTube Channel .

  • Collect & Curate 8 of 11

    Collecting characters and pieces opens up new options for play. It's also a great way for kids to learn how to save up for items, and/or earn them as a reward. Curating your own collection of discs and characters is part of the fun. 

  • Kids in Control Without Things Getting Crazy 9 of 11

    Disney Infinity Toybox is a safe space where kids can play, go crazy and make their own rules. Without trashing the joint - your joint, that is! 

  • Chilltime 10 of 11

    It's nice to just goof around sometimes. Disney Infinity Toybox is a place to experiment, and try things out. It's a place to role play and wrestle. It's not just about racing and ring gathering (though it can be about that, too). I am happy that my kids can play and goof around in a virtual playground. 

  • Endless Combinations 11 of 11

    There's no end to the combos that kids can come up with, and no way that they will ever run out of options for play in the Toybox.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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