10 Reasons to Love Freshly Picked Moccasins By Susan Petersen

I never get tired of meeting people who’ve managed to turn their passions into a profitable business. Their stories are always so inspiring and empowering. And, of course, there’s the added bonus that these passions often result in super awesome products that we all get to enjoy! Today I’m excited to introduce you to mom and moccasin maker Susan Petersen of Freshly Picked.

Susan started crafting soft-soled shoes for babies when she became pregnant and couldn’t find well-designed options already on the market. She raised the $200 she used to start her business by banging out glass of aluminum-framed windows, then selling the frames as scrap. With some diligence, a bag of scrap leather, and baby Gus, her “mocc-tester,” she made her dream happen. Today, after much testing and perfecting, she constructs the perfect baby moccasin in a range of colors and materials — all while being a mom to two adorable kiddos. The best part? These shoes actually stay on baby’s feet!

In addition to the moccasins, Susan also runs a fun blog as a companion to Freshly Picked, featuring recipes, projects, and inspiring birthing stories as part of her series “Stories of the Start.”

Here are the 10 reasons why I love Freshly Picked. I’m sure you’ll find your own too. Enjoy!

  • Quality & Comfort 1 of 10

    Freshly Picked moccasins have been featured in Parenting Magazine, IN TOUCH, US Weekly,, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and Kourtney and Kim Take New York. They come in bright colors, metallics, leather and suede. All are super soft and easily to slip on and off baby's feet, but also stay on when the baby is wearing them.

    Moccasins available for $60 from Freshly Picked

  • Golden Rod Moccasins 2 of 10

    These bright yellow, sunny moccasins are one of my favorites for spring. 

    Golden Rod Moccasins available for $60 from Freshly Picked

  • Iced Mint Moccasins 3 of 10

    And for a super-cool look, these minty metallic moccasins would make great festive wear for baby. 

    Iced Mint Moccasins available for $60 from Freshly Picked

  • Red Rock Suede Moccasins 4 of 10

    If a classic look is more your style, then Susan has you covered with these soft brown-suede moccasins. The neutral red rock suede would make the perfect gift for an expecting friend.

    Red Rock Suede Moccasins available for $60 from Freshly Picked

  • Working Mom 5 of 10

    One of the things to love about this hardworking mama is that she's not shy to admit that it's hard balancing a business and a family. But Susan knew she wanted to work from home to be with her kids and she made it happen. Learn more about how she manages it all (spoiler alert: she doesn't!) in this video.

    Image courtesy of Freshly Picked

  • Self-Made Studio 6 of 10

    In the beginning, Susan worked from her kitchen table where she tested, tested again, then tested some more before finding the perfect fit and design. It's the handmade quality and attention to detail that makes self starters stand out from the rest.

    Image courtesy of Freshly Picked

  • Stories of the Start 7 of 10

    A fun find on the Freshly Picked blog is the Story of the Start Series, where mamas share their inspirational birthing stories. So while you're shopping for baby's new shoes, you can be reminded about how amazing that first day was for you.

    Image courtesy of Freshly Picked

  • Recipes 8 of 10

    Also on the blog are yummy recipes, like this simple and delicious way to make baked apples.

    Image and recipe courtesy of Freshly Picked

  • Food Creation Ideas 9 of 10

    You'll also find super fun ways to dress up food, like these cookie critters.

    Image and recipe courtesy of Freshly Picked

  • Kid-Friendly DIYs 10 of 10

    Here's a fun way to dye beads with Kool-Aid, instead of harsh clothing dyes, so that kiddos can safely join in on the fun. Be sure to head on over to Freshly Picked for more moccasin styles, inspiration, and fun! 

    Image and recipe courtesy of Freshly Picked

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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